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How to Clean Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement options that can help you maintain some of the most basic functions of your mouth. If you are missing some teeth and you are having a hard time eating, smiling, or speaking, dental implants are the perfect answer to your oral health issues. Below we cover how to clean … Read more

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Can You Replace Dental Implants?

Dental implants and their many iterations have made up some of the most popular and successful restorative procedures in the world, making this department of dentistry a leader in dental restoration. If you have recently been fitted for dental implants or you are considering this permanent tooth replacement for your future, you probably have a … Read more

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Full Arch Dental Implants North Hollywood

Are you missing some or all of your teeth? Has that left you feeling confused, out of touch with reality, or crushed in spirit? Well, that’s pretty much understandable. Your teeth play an integral role in defining your facial aesthetics. Losing them, therefore, can be devastating. Walking around with an empty mouth or a mouthful … Read more

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How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

Are you reaching the time of life at which you need replacement teeth? You have a choice before you. Regular dentures take less time to fabricate than dental implants, but which is best for you? How long do dentures last? Who knows how many years dental implants last? Numerous people have heard of dental implants … Read more

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Top 3 Teeth Replacement Options for 2022

Teeth fall out for a number of reasons. With teeth loss, you need to seek dental options for missing teeth, including a permanent tooth replacement option. The top three replacement options for missing teeth for 2022 are as follows: Implants Dental implants are one of the teeth replacement options. The procedure can either be full … Read more

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The Cost of Dental Implants in North Hollywood, CA

What do dental implants cost? Before we answer that, it is important to know what a dental implant is. This is an elevated tooth substitute that closely mimics the original design in appearance. A titanium root is tightly implanted into the bone to maintain a crown, bridge, or denture. It has a natural tooth’s appearance, … Read more

Dentures vs Dental Implants

Full Mouth Dental Implants North Hollywood, CA

Choosing Full Mouth Dental Implants – Examining the Benefits of the Dental Implants Our business provides dental implants that can improve your smile, increase comfort, prevent bone loss and enhance the force of each bite. When our dentists insert the teeth implants, the experts will attach the roots to your jawbone, and the roots will … Read more

Dentures vs Dental Implants

Dentures vs Dental Implants – Which is right for you

Over 30 million Americans are living with missing teeth. For some, they only have one missing tooth. While others may have a whole row missing. Or they may have teeth missing on both jaws. There are many reasons why someone may be missing a tooth, like decay or gum disease. But whatever the reason, if … Read more