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One of the best dental practices in North Hollywood realizes the importance of filling your child’s cavities. If the cavity is small enough, there is a chance it can be repaired with demineralization. Victory Plaza Dental Group is happy to offer you tips to care for your kid’s teeth to help stop cavities from becoming any bigger. Good oral care, oral hygiene and a healthy diet are important for your children’s teeth.
The staff in here are great and are willing to work with the patients they even have an Xbox for the kids in the waiting area. A big screen TV and the office is really clean. Very welcoming environment. I would definitely recommend it for the kids and the whole family. If you like a calm, quiet, friendly, and no hassle environment I would definitely recommend it
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Common Issues with Untreated Cavities

Baby teeth can affect permanent teeth placement. If cavities are left untreated by your children dentist in North Hollywood, there are potential consequences including:

Affected Speech:

Untreated cavities can affect your kid’s speech. Teeth are necessary to make specific sounds when talking. The presence of cavities can result in teeth rotting and falling out. This can lead to speech impediments resulting in improper speech and decreased confidence.

Spreading Infections:

If untreated, cavities will spread. Your North Hollywood Dentist can treat cavities to help prevent your kid’s tooth from being destroyed.


Children dentistry treats cavities to prevent eating from becoming uncomfortable and painful. If your child experiences pain when eating, they will be unable or unwilling to eat healthy foods. This can lead to the loss of important nutrients.


Self-confidence often deteriorates due to missing or discolored teeth. If your child’s teeth are not white and healthy, they may be unwilling to smile and reveal their teeth. This can affect their social lives and self-confidence in the future.


Your children’s teeth may need to be repaired and restored. Victory Plaza Dental Group uses dental crowns to repair the original appearance, function and shape of the tooth. Crowns are sometimes necessary for baby teeth with structural issues and decay.

What are Crowns?

A crown covers your child’s tooth to restore the original function and shape. Your children dentist in North Hollywood recommends crowns when a baby tooth has a large cavity or extensive decay. Fractured or severely decayed teeth are unable to be repaired with a filling. Crowns are durable and generally last until the tooth falls out at approximately the age of 12.
One of the best dental practices in North Hollywood recommends repairing and restoring primary teeth for numerous reasons. Baby teeth have thinner enamel than permanent teeth, enabling decay to spread quickly. In addition to saving a decayed tooth, crowns are also used to help stop infection and decay from spreading throughout your child’s mouth or body.
Your North Hollywood dentist uses crowns for the restoration of the function, size and shape of the tooth. One of the primary purposes of baby teeth is keeping the spacing for permanent teeth and guiding these teeth into the correct position. This means crowns are an important aspect of children dentistry and oral development and health.
Crowns also assist in the normal development of your child’s muscles and jawbone. Crowns enable your kids to chew their food normally, helps to ensure correct speech development and cover the entire tooth. This stops further decay.
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