Space Maintainers in North Hollywood

If your child loses teeth prematurely, space maintainers are important. Victory Plaza Dental Group recommends space maintainers when decay, disease, overcrowding or trauma lead to tooth loss.
My kids have been coming here for all their treatments since babies. Staff treats my kids like their own, super sweet and they have television channels that kids like. I would recommend it to family and friends. Plus they always get a small surprise gift before leaving.
Dinora C.
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What are Space Maintainers?

Space maintainers are simply an orthodontic device used for children dentistry. This is how premature tooth loss is managed for children. As one of the best dental practices in North Hollywood, we find maintainers helpful for the prevention of several orthodontic conditions including overcrowding and misalignment. If your child has lost a tooth due to trauma or over-retained their baby teeth leading to tooth loss, a space maintenance treatment might be necessary.
Baby teeth are often victims of tooth decay resulting in extraction. Even though your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, they still require care. Your children dentist in North Hollywood can treat an infected tooth quickly to prevent the bacteria causing the cavity from spreading. If a cavity develops in one of your children’s baby teeth, your North Hollywood dentist will perform a dental restoration.
Dental restorations prevent cavities from spreading, misalignment, overcrowding and early tooth loss. Victory Plaza Dental Group offers several restorative options for your child including stainless steel crowns, composite fillings and amalgam fillings. If the decay is severe enough to require extraction, space aligners are used to prevent overcrowding or misalignment as your child’s permanent teeth erupt.
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