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How To Tell if Your Child Has a TMJ Disorder

The term TMJ disorder refers to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, a serious medical condition that affects the small joints that connect the jaw to the skull. These joints are located just below one’s ears. Below, we look at how to tell if your child has a TMJ disorder. This condition has the potential to cause a … Read more

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Helping Your Child Prepare for Oral Surgery

Young dental patients require oral surgery for a number of reasons. Your child might have impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed for the sake of their overall oral development. Or, perhaps your child has major malocclusion and needs oral surgery along with braces treatment in order to correct their misalignments. No matter the … Read more

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Do I Need a Root Canal or Tooth Extraction?

When seeking out quality dental care, it’s important to stay apprised of exactly the type of care that you might need for your particular situation. This can open up the pathway for you to find the most satisfying results possible from your procedure. Some dental procedures can be confusing for the layperson due to their … Read more

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What foods to eat after teeth whitening

Yellow teeth and discoloration can impact the look of your smile. This can cause you to smile and talk less to others. This can impact more than just your confidence, as people may perceive you as cold and unfriendly. A professional teeth whitening treatment can upgrade your smile and improve your self-esteem. Maintaining your new … Read more

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How to Help Your Kid Have a Stress-Free Tooth Extraction

Remember the stories of the tooth fairy and the thrill of placing a loose tooth under your pillow, and waking up to find a little reward? Making the process of losing teeth enjoyable for kids is an exciting part of their growth that should last as a treasured memory rather than a traumatic event. That’s … Read more

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How to Choose Braces or Invisalign: Pros and Cons

Below, we go over how to choose braces or Invisalign. There’s nothing that makes people happier than a straight set of teeth. This one adjustment to one’s appearance can impact several different areas of one’s life. Nowadays, there are several different routes someone can take to achieving this aesthetic ideal, each one carrying its own … Read more

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What Are the Top Dental Treatments for Kids: 3 Core Procedures

If you are like most parents, then you are likely concerned about the status of your child’s oral health. No matter how young they are, it is never too early to establish care from a trusted local pediatric dentist. Did you know that many oral health issues can manifest as early as infancy, even before … Read more

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Are Composite Fillings More Durable?

If you are like most Americans, you have likely had to get a filling or two in your life. Cavities can form for a variety of reasons and should be dealt with immediately so they do not develop into something more serious. Whether your cavity is big or small, you should visit your family dentist … Read more

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How to Clean Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement options that can help you maintain some of the most basic functions of your mouth. If you are missing some teeth and you are having a hard time eating, smiling, or speaking, dental implants are the perfect answer to your oral health issues. Below we cover how to clean … Read more