Baby Root Canal in North Hollywood

One of the best dental practices in North Hollywood recommends baby root canals if the cavity is near the nerve. This type of cavity is painful because the nerve can become irritated. If the cavity is large, the nerve can be exposed once the decay is removed. This is when Victory Plaza Dental Group recommends a baby root canal.
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What is a Baby Root Canal?

A baby root canal or pulpotomy treats the nerve to prevent pain and a potential abscess. When baby teeth are extracted or lost, future issues including space loss are possible. For this reason, children dentistry favors baby root canals to save the tooth whenever possible.

The Process

Local anesthesia is provided to numb the area. Your children dentist in North Hollywood then isolates the tooth so the decay can be removed. The health of the nerve can then be assessed. If there is nerve damage or the nerve is exposed, the infected part of the nerve will be removed. Your North Hollywood dentist makes certain the remaining nerve is healthy before proceeding.
Medicine is placed on the nerve to heal and build up the tooth before being restored with a crown. A crown is necessary to provide strength because the tooth is weakened by the procedure. The only other option is to have your child’s tooth extracted. Since your kid’s baby teeth are responsible for space maintenance, the early loss of a tooth can result in crowded or crooked permanent teeth.
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