Tooth Extractions For Children

In some instances, Victory Plaza Dental Group will have to extract one of your kid’s teeth. This can be due to extensive damage, for orthodontic treatment or because one or more teeth are damaged or chipped beyond repair due to dental trauma or disease. As one of the best dental practices in North Hollywood, we only recommend an extraction when less invasive treatment is not possible.
Just finish a dentist appointment with my two kids…just wanted to thank all the staff in Victory Plaza Dental group…for all the care given…my youngest entered the office scare!! But he left with a smile!! I’ve been going to the office since both of my kids were 6 months!! Enjoy seen all the workers…always greeting us with a big smile!! Thank you Victory Plaza Dental Group!!
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The Procedure

Your children dentist in North Hollywood will explain the procedure and everything involved. This is a surgical procedure during which your child’s tooth is removed. The types of extractions are surgical and simple. During a simple tooth extraction, a clearly visible baby tooth can be pulled. In the practice of children dentistry, this involves the use of a device referred to as an elevator.

The tooth can be loosened before removal with a forceps. In most cases, only a local anesthetic is necessary. If the jawbone is partly covering the tooth or it is embedded within the jawbone, your child will need a surgical extraction. Generally, this procedure is performed using both nitrous oxide and a local anesthetic. When necessary, we will recommend either general anesthesia or IV sedation.
Your North Hollywood dentist works with you to ensure your child receives the correct type of service and is well prepared. After the extraction, you should watch the healing process and the behavior of your child. Your child needs to wait to eat and should not vigorously spit or use a straw since this can result in the blood clot being dislodged.
If there is any swelling, you can use an ice pack about every 20 minutes. We are also happy to recommend the duration and dosage for any over-the-counter pain medication your child may need. With the right care, your child will recover very quickly.
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