How to Clean Dental Implants

Dental implants are permanent tooth replacement options that can help you maintain some of the most basic functions of your mouth. If you are missing some teeth and you are having a hard time eating, smiling, or speaking, dental implants are the perfect answer to your oral health issues. Below we cover how to clean dental implants.

How to Clean Dental Implants

Once you have been scheduled for your customized dental implant procedure from a trusted family dentist near you in North Hollywood, you will start learning what to expect before and after your treatment. Dental implants require surgery, meaning you will be put under anesthesia for a short period of time. Recovery can be smooth and fast as long as you know how to clean dental implants and care for them properly during the healing period.

During the Healing Process

Your mouth is likely to feel painful and sensitive during the initial stages of the recovery process, as your gums and lips may be a bit swollen. While using ice packs and pain relievers to keep some of the more agonizing symptoms at bay, you can gently begin the cleaning process with a piece of gauze. There may be some bleeding during the healing process, so you must wait a while before using outside tools to clean your teeth.

Once you are feeling up for it, start experimenting with brushing and flossing your teeth. It will become easier and far less painful to clean out your mouth over time as your wounds continue to heal. After a bit of time, you will be able to brush and floss your implants just like your natural teeth.

The Daily Cleaning Process

Once you have fully recovered from your dental implants surgery, you may want to establish a daily routine that works for you. Every day you should wash out your mouth with warm water, salt, and mouthwash to speed along the final healing process and to keep your implants free of bacteria.

Additionally, a daily maintenance process may include watching what you eat. Certain foods, drinks, and other edible substances might do some damage to your brand-new implants. As an example, hard candy and granola bars might cause pain to your still-sensitive teeth. It is better to avoid a costly repair by choosing non-abrasive toothbrushes, clean toothpaste, and a diet filled with soft foods.

How to Brush Your Implants Every Day

Toothbrushes are essential tools for your daily oral hygiene routine, but they aren’t the only thing you might need to keep your implants in tip-top shape. You should also invest in a type of water floss that uses pressure to get even the tiniest food particles out from in between your teeth. Ask your dentist about what brand of toothpaste or floss you should use, as there exist some particularly approved for implants.

Keeping Your Oral Devices Clean

Non-permanent implants should also be receiving the same type of treatment. If you prove a better fit for dentures or removable implants, you should still pay careful attention to all cleaning instructions. Every night, be sure to soak your dentures in the cleaning solution and make sure to brush them after every meal. Similarly, temporary implants can still have you brush and floss with them to ensure they don not spread harmful bits of bacteria around.

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