TMJ Treatment

TMJ is one of the worst dental conditions that you can develop in your life. It affects the joint of the same name and causes a range of symptoms. A common symptom that many experience is a popping or clicking sound that occurs when they move their jaws. You might hear it when you eat and talk as well as when you move your jaw back and forth. TMJ can also cause ringing in your ears and intense headaches. At Victory Plaza Dental, we offer treatments designed for those with TMJ.
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TMJ Treatment Options

You can cope with your pain and some of your TMJ symptoms at home with over the counter medications from any drugstore. Those symptoms can worsen until you finally speak to a dentist about getting some relief. The treatments that we offer depend on whether you grind your teeth or have an alignment issue between your teeth and jaw.

Bite Plate

Also known as a dental splint, a bite plate is an orthodontic appliance that fits inside your mouth. We make sure that the appliance fits properly before you leave the office. You can wear it whenever you feel the need to grind your teeth. Grinding your teeth puts pressure on your jaw and makes your symptoms worse.

Night Guard

Similar to a bite plate, a night guard is an orthodontic appliance that keeps you from grinding your teeth. One nice benefit is that you can wear it at night as you sleep without worrying about it slipping out of place. The guard also prevents you from clenching your jaw as you sleep and may help you wake up with less pain.
TMJ Treatment


If you suffer from TMJ due to misalignment, we may recommend braces. Braces slowly force your teeth into new positions and can align both your upper and lower teeth with your jaw. If you worry about the look of traditional braces, we offer Invisalign.

Jaw Surgery

Some patients find that the only treatment that works for their TMJ is jaw surgery. This often requires the removal of one or more teeth to reduce crowding, which can help with alignment issues.

Home Care for TMJ

Until you make an appointment with our North Hollywood office, you can try some home remedies to reduce your TMJ symptoms and pain. It’s often helpful to practice exercises that stretch your jaw and to take ibuprofen and other medications to reduce your pain. Many find that using an ice pack on their jaws also helps, especially if they have any swelling.

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