Victory plaza dental is the place to be for your dental health care needs. The staff is very friendly and attentive. I will continue to be a patient and will recommend friends and family.
— Jasmine B.
I have been going to Valley Plaza Dental Group for over a year and the staff have been all around great. They have made me feel comfortable and have narrow down my treatment plan to a way I understand.
— Giselle G.
Good customer service, professional staff & doctors. I’m proud to say I was one of their first customers when they first opened & they’ve maintained their wonderful care each and every visit.
— Henry G.
Friendly staff. Dr. Koosha did an excellent job keeping my 7 yr old son calm and cool during his procedure, she has a genuine gift to work with children and it seems like she loves her job.
— Gabby A.
Just finish a dentist appointment with my two kids...just wanted to thank all the staff in Victory Plaza Dental group...for all the care youngest entered the office scare!! But he left with a smile!! I've been going to the office since both of my kids were 6 months!! Enjoy seen all the workers...always greeting us with a big smile!! Thank you Victory Plaza Dental Group!!
— Milagro L.
Their whole team is so genuinely professional and caring. They put their expertise to work and the results are top notch compared to others. Thank you all so much I truly appreciate you all.
— Tiffany K.
This place is amazing! I love all the doctors, I got a filling and they were all so gentle and caring. I feel like they truly care about my teeth. And Jasmin don't get me started on how helpful and nice she is!
— Randy S.
The dentist here is very knowledgeable and professional. I'm impressed with the results.the whole experience was just excellent, they explain everything and results are beyond your imagination. The place is also nice and super clean, the whole staff are very welcoming and friendly... I highly recommend this place!
— Mark M.
So far so good it's my 2nd time here and I love the service and everyone is so professional. Vianka is super cool ans will take great care of you.
— Armen G.
Having been to a few dentists in North Hollywood, ranging from underwhelmed to completely aghast at some, I have to say this is the BEST treatment I've ever received! The whole staff is so warm and communicative, the professionalism and kindness shown here is superlative. The specialist and the dentist are simply beyond wonderful. The technology they use is updated and current. AND Disney Plus!

I feel so taken care of at Victory Plaza Dental Group. I have had a root canal here, and deep cleaning. I almost fell asleep during the deep cleaning it was so smooth! I couldn't believe it. Wonderful people. Thank you!

And whoever little Anthony is, his review is all you need to know you're in good hands here!
— Aimee G.
I recommend Victory Dental plaza group, every year i see more improvement on their skills , great employees, respectful and kind , my family love this place always respectful with your appointment time ,not like other places having 10 at once thanks to all the crew of Victory Dental plaza Group. 100% trusting place.
— Diana S.
I have been coming here for about 3 years now, and all i can say is that this place is amazing. As you walk in u are greeted kindly by the desk ppl and they make you feel welcome. The decor in the waiting room is very modern and looks so new. Making me feel that everything is very up to date and clean. I am one of those ppl that also judges a business by there bathroom, if its broken and dirty what else are they slacking off on but not here, the bathroom is beautiful and very clean. Now for the care, the staff members are very kind and helpful and do there job very well. If i had a question the staff and doctors were always there to answer me . They all would explain to me in detail what the plan is, what’s going to happen and y. Before we would begin anything there would be a dental consultant (i am sure i have the name wrong) who would discuss with me which procedure or care can be put delayed and which is more urgent, so i wouldn’t have to pay all at once. They also offer the care card if u have issues with paying. Overall, I always had a very great experience coming here. From the beginning of my visit to the end, they would do excellent work. Also major plus they have so much parking. Who doesn’t love that. I know i will be coming for many years to come.
— Amanda J.
Me encanta el personal de esta oficina. Todas son amables y profesional para atender el paciente.
— Raul D.
So glad I found this office, every time I come it’s like I’m visiting friends. Friendly smiles, people that genuinely like what they do. The whole staff is great especially the orthodontist and the kids dentist. My son is two and he asks me if he can go to the dentist because they give cool prices. Superstars all of you!!!
— Jess R.
Their whole team is incredible, so professional, and caring! Their expertise in getting your orthodontic care done is top notch compared to others. I would highly recommend this dental clinic. My anxiety was diminished due to how gentle and fastidious you all are. Thank you All so much!
— Chane M.
My family and I have been coming here for the past 5 years, and the service has been great! The whole staff are very kind and we will continue to come here!
— Ashley G.
Love it here, every one is nice . Came in for wisdom tooth surgery and it went well 💯
— Jayannthra L.
So conveniently located, plenty of pkg, great facility, extremely friendly & comforting staff, as well as very friendly & talented drs… Not only all this but their calendars make it remarkably easy to schedule convenient apptmts. Most importantly, even though I really did appreciate and like my prior provider, this facility and everything about it, is so much more effective at getting my entire family’s needs met exceedingly well all under one roof. Plus, being able to relax to listen to music, or watch a TV show, and kids getting surprises post each visit doesn’t hurt either, lol! I’m so glad we came 😊👍🏽
— Kashmir J.
For my kids I always recommend to go to the kids specialist they are there once or twice a month I believe, they are more gentle and will respect your wishes when asked. Communication is key. Front desk always understanding and very kind.
— Y Ramirez
I have been a patient for 5 years and they have the best staff. From the moment you walk in someone is always greeting you and ready to check you in. They try to work with you no matter the situation. Highly recommended!!!
— Brian R.
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