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Do Root Canals Hurt?

A root canal is a procedure that can save a damaged tooth, prevent infection or protect it from further damage. When a tooth is infected, the pulp and nerve of that tooth can be damaged. The inflamed layer of the inner tooth is removed using root canals. The root and canals are cleaned and disinfected. … Read more

How Painful is a Root Canal?

Root canals have a long-standing reputation for being scary, painful, and hard to recover from. Thankfully, friendly experts from your local dental office in Victory Plaza are happy to tell you that those things couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have ever asked, “How painful is a root canal, and why would I … Read more

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What Causes Delays in Tooth Eruption? Delayed Tooth Eruption

As a parent, it’s only natural to want to be ahead of the curve at every milestone of your baby’s growth to avoid being surprised by any underlying issues. If you have a baby with no teeth, you’re probably eagerly waiting to see that tiny white bud signifying their awaited arrival. But, what then if … Read more

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What is pulp therapy in children

As parents, it is only natural to want the very best for our children, and good oral health is in no way an exception. After all, all things being equal, children’s teeth are just as susceptible to cavities and decay as adult teeth. And this is not baseless hyperbole but rather a truism backed by … Read more

Fluoride Treatment for Children

What Is Fluoride Treatment for Children

The first idea that comes to mind at the mention of fluoride is excellent dental health. Fluoride is one of the richest naturally occurring minerals whose core purpose is to enhance the development and maintenance of strong teeth while still preventing cavities at the same time. Fluoride treatment for kids is the best solution option … Read more