Unlocking Confidence: The Complete Guide to Implant Overdenture

Snap-in dentures or implant overdentures are a type of dental restoration solution that can help address the challenges of tooth loss. This dental prosthesis combines the convenience of removable dentures with the stability of dental implants.
If you’re considering seeking a transformative oral care solution, an overdenture by Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood can be quite promising. It’s a solution rooted in modern dental advancements known to provide a great balance of comfort and functionality.

Understanding Implant Overdentures

Overdentures are artificial teeth that we attach to surgically inserted titanium posts. This is one of its major differences from traditional dentures, which are dependent on suction and adhesive to stay in place.

The Implant Process

Our dentists follow several steps when implanting an overdenture. The first step is to perform a comprehensive consultation and examination. For this, you’ll need to talk to our prosthodontist to establish whether you’re a suitable candidate.

The consultation may involve taking dental X-rays and making impressions. You may also need to discuss your expectations and review the treatment options available. If we decide you’re a good candidate for this procedure, what follows is the placement of dental implants.

Placement involves undergoing a surgical procedure to place small titanium screws into your jawbone. Your prosthodontist will consider the overdenture that will be used when determining the number of implants to use.
After installing the dental implants, you’ll need a healing period to allow for osseointegration. Once this healing period has passed, what follows is the fabrication and fitting of your artificial teeth.

The process involves taking impressions of your dental implants and surrounding tissues to allow for the creation of a custom-fit denture. We may need to perform some adjustments to the implants and impressions to ensure optimal comfort.

Benefits of Implant Overdentures

Generally, overdentures are a comfier, healthier, and more durable choice than normal dentures. The surgical implants help secure them in place, allowing you to participate in normal interactions. Their three major benefits are as shown below.

  • Improved Stability: They’re integrated with dental implants, eliminating the risk of shifts or slips while talking or eating.
  • Chewing Efficiency: Their secure fit enables you to enjoy a varied diet without experiencing any discomfort while chewing.
  • Preservation of Jawbone: Tooth loss can contribute to changes in your facial appearance. These implants help prevent deterioration of your jawbone, thus helping maintain a youthful look.
    Overdentures present a promising chapter for individuals who want to live a life free from the limitations of traditional dentures.

Who Can Benefit from Implant Overdentures

Consulting with Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood about the candidacy for implant overdentures is a great idea. It ensures that you’re the right candidate for this type of procedure.
For our team to consider you for this treatment, you must meet a set criterion.

  • You should be in excellent health
  • Your oral health should be above reproach
  • The candidate should have enough jawbone
  • You’re missing one or more teeth

Overdentures can enhance your quality of life and enable you to eat a broader array of food items. The stability they provide can prove relaxing to any person who suffers from dental anxiety.

The Procedure Journey

You need to go through several steps to obtain implant overdentures. At Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood, you can expect to go through the following five steps.

  1. Initial Consultation and Examination: We begin with a consultation to help us assess your oral health. During this time, we will also discuss your goals and determine whether you’re an ideal candidate for this procedure. Please note that we may need to take X-rays and impressions of your teeth for better planning.
  2. Surgery to Place the Dental Implants: If we establish that you’re a good candidate for this procedure, the next step will involve undergoing surgery. This is to help us place dental implants into your jawbone. There’s no need to worry, as this is a minor surgery that we perform under local anesthesia.
  3. Fitting the Overdentures: Your dentist will recommend a healing period to enable the implants to integrate with your jawbone. Once this has elapsed, the next step is to fit the fabricated overdentures onto your implants. We may need to adjust the fitting to ensure optimal comfort.
  4. Post-Operative Care: It’s essential that you maintain your overdentures to ensure continued efficiency and longevity. Before you can go home, we will advise you on daily cleaning practices. These will include using a soft toothbrush to clean the overdenture. You also need to clean around the implants to prevent plaque buildup.
  5. Regular Dental Check-Ups: Please note that just because you’ve been allowed to go home doesn’t mean the work is done. You’ve to schedule routine appointments with your dentist for professional cleaning and check-ups. This will allow our prosthodontist to assess the condition of your overdentures and make any necessary repairs.
    While these steps provide a brief description of the steps followed, note that the entire process can take weeks from start to finish.

Advantages Over Traditional Dentures

We can confidently say that their many advantages over traditional dentures originate from the surgically implanted posts. This is what makes them strong and stable.

  • You get to eat what you want: Hard-to-chew foods are challenging for people with traditional dentures. With overdentures, you can eat anything you fancy, which is beneficial for your digestion.
  • They’re stable: Overdentures are stable as they’ve dental implants that prevent them from moving around your mouth. Traditional dentures don’t have this, making it challenging to speak or chew certain foods.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Artificial teeth significantly enhance your smile and improve your chewing appearance. This goes a long way towards building your confidence, leading to a better quality of life.
  • They Provide a Better Fit: Properly fitted artificial teeth are quite comfortable in your mouth and will make for a pleasant experience all around. We can’t say the same about traditional dentures, as they can cause sores in your mouth.

Real Life Success Stories

Overdentures can positively impact your life by boosting your self-confidence levels and overall well-being. The following is an example of a success story from a patient of the Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood.

“About five years ago, I had four of my front teeth replaced with implants. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t thrilled with the results. My new teeth look and feel natural, which has helped boost my self-esteem. I’m also glad that I opted to get overdentures over traditional dentures. I find that they’re much more comfortable and stable. Also, I don’t have to worry about them moving around my mouth.”

Cost Considerations and Insurance Coverage

The cost incurred when getting overdentures can vary based on several factors. One such factor is the number of implants we will need to place into your jawbone. Other factors include the complexity of your case and the post-care treatment involved.

On average, it will cost you between $3,000 and $30,000 per arch. We advise that you consult with our prosthodontist beforehand to get an accurate cost estimate. Also, note that additional procedures, such as sinus lifts, may impact the cost.

With regard to insurance coverage, it all comes down to your specific plan and its coverage terms. Some policies can provide coverage for a portion of this procedure, while others don’t offer any coverage. Make sure to check with your provider to get a better understanding of its coverage.
At Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood, we accept a broad array of financing options, including LendingClub and CareCredit. We also accept other options, such as American Express, Aetna, and Humana.


Overdentures are popular because of their stability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. They enhance chewing ability and speech clarity while supporting facial characteristics such as the return of a youthful look.
To learn more about overdentures, visit the Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood today.