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At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we believe strongly in encouraging younger patients to adopt healthy oral hygiene habits. Once started, these habits can last a lifetime and reduce future dental bills. How much is a child dental check up? The cost of a pediatric dental visit averages between $30 and $60 for routine visits. Pediatric dental visit cost depends on multiple criteria that include the type of service performed. These include checkups, teeth cleaning and fluoride applications to strengthen the teeth.
How much is a pediatric dentist without insurance? Most dentists offer affordable and higher priced procedures. Children dentistry cost North Hollywood for high-quality services might not be affordable. However, even bargain priced services provide sound dental care. Pediatric dental visit cost can be managed. Other financial help is available for paying the cost for a pediatric dentist visit. More on this topic will be covered later.
Their whole team is incredible, so professional, and caring! Their expertise in getting your orthodontic care done is top notch compared to others. I would highly recommend this dental clinic. My anxiety was diminished due to how gentle and fastidious you all are. Thank you All so much!
Chane M.
Child in the dental chair dental treatment during surgery.

Our Convenient Location in the Heart of Hollywood

Our North Hollywood location features a comfortable family environment. Even a North Hollywood pediatric dentist can charge reasonable fees. It’s important to choose an office like ours where you have access to all the latest advanced dental technologies. We offer a choice of anesthesia options and both budget-friendly and high-quality procedures. Our North Hollywood Pediatric dentists include Doctors Koosha Aghajani and Farnaz Kohanbash. They provide friendly service and easy-to-understand explanations of pediatric services.

Do You Realize the Long-Term Value of Dental Care?

Seeing your dentist regularly saves money over the long-term outlook. That’s because cavities are caught and filled before they cause more expensive problems. Moreover, you get regular advice from your children’s dentist that results in healthier checkups. All dental services provide value based on how long the service and materials last. Therefore, many of the more expensive services provide greater value for the money. ost for pediatric dentist visit
Comfortable bites and good-looking teeth provide many hidden advantages for your children. Fixating on your children’s appearance might seem vain and shallow. However, good-looking teeth inspire self-confidence, greater comfort in social situations and determination to keep teeth and gums healthy. These benefits or oral care make your children appear more attractive, healthier and physically fit.

Dental Services for the Whole Family

At our practice, we provide dental services for the whole family, but we take special pride in children’s services. According to many of our customers, we are the best children dentists in town. That means we take great pride in educating our youthful patients about proper dental care. Getting into the habit of caring for your teeth becomes automatic after a certain amount of time. Your children are at a critical age when developing good oral care habits can last a lifetime.

Kids Dental Screening Cost

The cost of a screening for new children patients at Victory Plaza Dental Group falls in line with routine dental visit costs. These costs usually run between $65 and $100 depending on whether any services are performed immediately. During a new patient screening, the dentist firstly takes x-rays and then examines the teeth personally. Our dentists and hygienists provide friendly service that’s designed to make young patients comfortable.
Moreover, both Dr. Aghajani and Dr. Kohanbash pay close attention to any previously done work to spot any needs for further service. Usually, the screening includes a teeth cleaning and examination of the mouth, neck and face for any abnormalities. As a result of the careful exam, the dentist will come up with a treatment plan. This plan will cover any short-term needs and recommended services for the future. During your exam, the dentist assesses your child’s mouth for cavities, gum disease and other oral problems.

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Our Pediatric Dental Services

Our pediatric dental services include the most advanced procedures and latest equipment in our North Hollywood office. Among our suite of children’s services, we always offer painless options using anesthetics or nitrous oxide. Our pediatric services for your children include:
  • Teeth examinations, which prove invaluable for predicting future problems, detecting cavities and dealing with an teeth that need extraction
  • Preventative dental treatments that include topical fluoride applications and sealants
  • Advice by Dr. Aghajani or Dr. Kohanbash to both parents and children about developing a sensible diet and oral care habits
  • Proactive treatment to prevent bite problems with permanent teeth
  • Emergency children’s dentist treatments for traumatic injuries
  • Cosmetic dentistry to correct poor teeth appearance
  • Traditional and invisible braces
If your child has issues when visiting any doctor, our dentists and staff quickly put them at ease. North Hollywood often earns a reputation for snobby behavior and big-city haughtiness, but we always put people first. Located on Victory Boulevard, our office has easy access to all areas of greater North Hollywood. Moreover, our location near Victory Plaza Shopping Mall allows you to get more things done.
We take our duty-of-care for your children with the greatest diligence and focus. When you look for a pediatric dentist near me, consider all the factors that make an office convenient. We try to answer your questions and address any concerns your children have. Dr. Aghajani and Dr. Kohanbash explain any procedure to you and your children. That’s because we believe strongly in educating customers about our dental services. We’ll cover which procedures we recommend and why. We’ll also explain what to expect afterward.
If your children still show doubt and nervous behavior, we can administer nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas. This always lightens the mood, and the application of local anesthesia prevents any pain during the procedure. After things are over, Dr. Aghajani and Dr. Kohanbash again provide postoperative instructions and prescriptions for any recommended medication.

The Best Children’s Dentist Near Me

What makes the best children’s dentist near me for your family’s oral care? Experts suggest that reliability, experience and honesty rank among the top characteristics of top dentists. Moreover, patients need to feel some control over the treatment process. The best dentists show compassion and empathy while educating their patients on the basis of their diagnoses. For all of these reasons, Victory Plaza Dental Group clearly ranks as the best pediatric dentist near me in the greater North Hollywood area.
Our specialists and staff follow our core concept of educating and treating patients with utmost respect and neighborhood friendliness. Our list of service options include the most advanced dental techniques available anywhere. That includes our pediatric dental services for comprehensive dental care. Whether your child gets injured in sports, develops cavities or needs orthodontic work, we handle any oral issue. Our services include tooth extractions, tooth-replacement options, oral surgery and orthodontics.

How Much Is Pediatric Dentist Without Insurance?

Pediatric dentistry seldom costs more than regular dental services, and many services cost less. For example, work on children’s first set of teeth costs less because they’re not permanent. Simpler solutions often suffice when dealing with baby teeth. You’ll probably end up paying more for your child’s dental service because the teeth are still developing. That’s why children see the dentist more often than most adults.
How much is pediatric dentist without insurance? The costs of the most common services are usually reasonable and affordable. The most common dental procedures we perform on our children patients include the following:
  • Sealants and Fluoride Applications These services became popular because they can reduce future dental expenses. Two types of dental sealants include composite resin sealants and glass ionomers. The glass ionomer comes as a more flexible paste that can be used to seal baby teeth. Composite resins receive curing time under ultraviolet light to harden the material. Both sealants protect teeth from cavities. Fluoride applications deliver fluoride to teeth. The mineral helps to build stronger teeth and prevent cavities by strengthening tooth enamel.
  • Fillings Dental fillings replace tooth enamel and dental pulp. Although they can be made of silver amalgam, most dentists recommend advanced resin composites. These resin composites can match the exact shade of your teeth and look natural.
  • Extractions Tooth extractions become necessary when the procedure protects other teeth. They’re also the best solution for damaged baby teeth. Many children fear losing a tooth, but our dentists have years of pediatric experience. Therefore, they can usually guarantee a painless experience.
  • Dental Cleanings Regular cleanings play a major role in oral health. Children’s teeth become highly susceptible to cavities because of excessive sugar intake, inexperienced brushing and chewing gum. Routine cleanings help to detect cavities while they’re still minor problems.
  • Dental Crowns Pediatric dental crowns correct injuries and cavities in baby teeth. They also provide long-term correction of major cavities in the permanent teeth after a root canal. Unfortunately, children get cavities or injuries in both baby teeth and permanent teeth. Crowns, also known as caps, cement easily to baby teeth to restore shape and function. Repairing permanent teeth might require a root canal to clean out the tooth pulp. A permanent crown attached to the tooth provides functionality and a natural appearance.
  • Pediatric Orthodontics Orthodontics includes different procedures that correct your tooth bite. Pediatric orthodontics involves proactively correcting teeth alignment. The procedure involves both teeth alignment and jaw position. When everything aligns properly, your child’s smile looks great. Orthodontics also promotes better oral health and the ability to speak clearly.

What Distinguishes Our Pediatric Practice?

Thousands of dentists offer cosmetic dentistry and regular dental services in Hollywood and its environs. Unfortunately, many of these practices focus on trendy cosmetic procedures and exclusive and expensive dental options. We offer empathetic, compassionate dentistry for the whole family with affordable bargain procedures and advanced technologies. Regardless of whether you need an emergency children’s dentist or want to schedule invisible braces, we can help.
Our process involves an initial screening, which we use to get started properly. We work with each patient as an individual and strive to become friends and extended family members. Getting to know your children becomes an important part of our service. Using technology and old-fashioned questions and answers, we create a custom dental plan for each patient.

We Offer Complimentary Dental Crown Upgrade to White Facing Dental Crown

When getting a dental crown for your child, we offer an upgrade that’s hard to beat. White zirconia dental crowns are stainless steel alternatives for children that offer biocompatibility. The material ranks as the most durable of all dental crown materials. Moreover, this metal-free esthetic choice resembles expensive porcelain crowns but with greater durability. The benefits of this type of crown include:
  • Aesthetically superior appearance
  • 100% metal-free
  • Resists plaque, pathogens and decay
  • Biocompatible with gums and teeth
  • Installable in one office visit
Children especially benefit from stronger dental crowns because of their heightened level of activity. Fortunately, this advanced manufacturing technique incorporates the best benefits of ceramics with the look of porcelain.

Children Dentistry Cost North Hollywood

Paying routine prices for pediatric dentistry sometimes backfires, and you end up with big expenses. Children dentistry cost North Hollywood can run extraordinarily high in many cases. Fortunately, you can find programs for pediatric dental services at

Joining Our Extended Dental Family

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