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How To Tell if Your Child Has a TMJ Disorder

The term TMJ disorder refers to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, a serious medical condition that affects the small joints that connect the jaw to the skull. These joints are located just below one’s ears. Below, we look at how to tell if your child has a TMJ disorder. This condition has the potential to cause a … Read more

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Helping Your Child Prepare for Oral Surgery

Young dental patients require oral surgery for a number of reasons. Your child might have impacted wisdom teeth that need to be removed for the sake of their overall oral development. Or, perhaps your child has major malocclusion and needs oral surgery along with braces treatment in order to correct their misalignments. No matter the … Read more

healthy snack for kids

Kid-Friendly Snacks that are ok for your child Teeth

A considerable percentage of children usually suffer from untreated cavities. As a parent, you need to be concerned about such matters because acidic foods, beverages, and sugary foods are readily available and easily accessible. As a concerned parent, you can protect your child by ensuring they take nutritious drinks and food that can support their … Read more