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Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF)

Helping to prevent cavities in your children’s teeth is important. As one of the best dental practices in North Hollywood, Victory Plaza Dental Group provides essential dental procedures for your kids including silver diamine fluoride.
For my kids I always recommend to go to the kids specialist they are there once or twice a month I believe, they are more gentle and will respect your wishes when asked. Communication is key. Front desk always understanding and very kind.
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What is Silver Diamine Flouride?

SDF or silver diamine fluoride is a substance to help prevent your kids from getting cavities. Cavities can be prevented from forming, spreading and growing. Your children receive numerous benefits from SDF including:
  • Flouride: Help children’s teeth rebuild their original material
  • Silver: Helps kill bacteria
  • Ammonia: Helps keep SDF concentrated for maximum effectiveness
  • Water: Provides the mixture with a liquid base
SDF has been used for over 80 years, and received approval from the FDA for use in the United States in 2014. Your North Hollywood dentist uses the liquid form of SDF with a minimum of 38 percent applied directly to the surface of your kid’s teeth. Children dentistry is essential for decreasing cavity growth.
Studies have shown SDF is more effective than varnish. The latter often needs to be applied four or five times every year. Scheduling an appointment with your children dentist in North Hollywood provides your children with the following benefits.
  • Effective for stopping the development of cavities after forming.
  • More comfortable for your child than drilling cavities.
  • Helps with anxiety and special needs.
  • Helps prevent bacteria from spreading and breaking down tooth surfaces.
  • Beneficial cavity treatment for kid’s oversensitive to substances and instruments.
  • Prevents or decreases the number of cavities.
  • Fast treatment generally required once per year.
  • No special equipment is necessary.
You can take care of your children’s teeth simply by scheduling an appointment with Victory Plaza Dental Group.

Sealant – Preventive Care

Victory Plaza Dental Group provides preventive dental care for your children. As one of the best dental practices in North Hollywood, this includes sealant. In addition to preventative care, your children dentist in North Hollywood also offers restorative care.

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth

The most common place cavities form is on the chewing surface of your kid’s back teeth. This is because this surface is not as smooth as the rest of the teeth resulting in food particles and bacteria becoming trapped by pits and fissures. Since your child may be unable to brush these areas effectively, the result is often tooth decay.
Your kid’s teeth are protected by a hard enamel coating which requires time to increase in strength after erupting. Fluoride can help but may not regularly reach these pits and fissures. The best solution for this issue is the sealants available at your North Hollywood dentist. Dental sealants are made of plastic resin and completely invisible.
The vulnerable chewing surfaces on your child’s back teeth are protected so they help resist decay. This decreases the risk of cavities. The procedure is painless and simple, requiring just a few minutes.

Sealant Procedure

The tooth is examined to determine if decay is present. Minimal decay is removed prior to cleaning and drying the tooth. A solution is applied to roughen the surface and provide a better seal. After rinsing and drying the tooth again, the sealant is painted on in a liquid form. Roughly one minute is necessary for the sealant to harden.
In some cases, a special curing light is used in children dentistry. After the procedure, your child needs to brush and floss every day in addition to having professional cleanings. Although sealants can last 10 years, Victory Plaza Dental Group understands the importance of checking sealants for wear and tear. By providing your kids with sealants, decay can be decreased a maximum of 80 percent.


The most common chronic disease for children is cavities. Five times more kids suffer from cavities than asthma. At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we offer your children professional fluoride treatments. Once applied to your kid’s teeth, their risk of cavities significantly decreases while their health improves. This treatment is available at your North Hollywood dentist as a gel, solution, varnish or foam.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments are also available in high concentrations but can only be used at home if you have a dentist’s direction. The difference in the treatment offered by one of the best dental practices in North Hollywood is the content of fluoride is significantly higher than what is available in toothpaste. This means your child will receive the benefits much faster.

Benefits of Flouride Treatments

Fluoride treatments offer your children numerous benefits. For this reason, fluoride is an important part of children dentistry. Fluoride helps your child’s body use minerals including phosphate and calcium better. Weak tooth enamel can be repaired by the absorption of these minerals. The tooth structure and enamel for developing teeth are strengthened to reduce the vulnerability to bacteria.
Your kids will have fewer cavities for the rest of their lives. The development of cavities can be slowed or completely reversed because harmful bacteria are decreased by fluoride. The risk and growth of cavities are reduced. Your children dentist in North Hollywood can help prevent expensive dental bills in the future and decrease the time your child spends at the dentist. Your child may also receive other benefits from fluoride treatments including:
  • Decreasing tooth pain
  • Preventing gum diseas
Preventing premature tooth lossAccording to the World Health Organization, the oral health of your child can be improved with fluoride treatments. Poor oral health can result in numerous health conditions such as cardiovascular disease.
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