What Is Fluoride Treatment for Children

The first idea that comes to mind at the mention of fluoride is excellent dental health. Fluoride is one of the richest naturally occurring minerals whose core purpose is to enhance the development and maintenance of strong teeth while still preventing cavities at the same time. Fluoride treatment for kids is the best solution option when attempting to prevent and manage the occurrence of future adult dental problems. While fluoride consumption, such as its use in drinking water, is healthy and safe for most people, the mineral can adversely affect others. Here is everything you need to know about fluoride treatment for children.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is a collective term of a wide variety of correctional dental health methods using fluoride as the primary element. Specifically for children, a competent hygienist or dentist will examine a child’s teeth and recommend application of fluoride to the teeth, depending on the existing circumstance. The objective here is to improve healthy and strong teeth outcomes while minimizing the risks of cavities. An excellent example of fluoride treatment for children is fluoride varnish, gel, or solution. Depending on the intensity of the teeth problem and type of treatment, fluoride treatment is the best fit for in-patients. The reason is that its fluoride concentration could be too high for other high-risk patients to use away from professional monitoring. The difference between fluoride toothpaste and these other treatments is dosage and recovery speed after admission into the body.

Benefits of Fluoride Treatment for Children

Fluoride has endless benefits not only to the child but also, the entire family as well. First, fluoride facilitates the body’s maximum utilization of minerals like calcium and phosphate. Fluoride enables the teeth to absorb phosphate and calcium, which are essential in repairing week teeth enamels. The best children dentist in North Hollywood recommends that your child consistently use fluoride for teeth solutions as it can reduce and reverse the risk of cavities in the teeth. Fluoride is also ideal for combating the effects of harmful bacteria and germs existing in the mouth. In addition, fluoride is also perfect for root canal development as it helps in strengthening tooth structure. In the grand scheme of things, fluoride is ideal for prolonging baby teeth life, fighting teeth cavities, and prevents adult teeth problems. Our children dentist in North Hollywood suggests frequent pediatric visits to keep track of your child’s teeth progress. Also, give professional advice regarding the most convenient treatment options, based on the child’s age.

Fluoride Treatment Side Effects

Teeth Discoloration

The first significant concern for constant fluoride usage is teeth discoloration. In a condition termed fluorosis, the teeth gradually develop white streaks, which rapidly change into a light brown color when ignored for far too long. The worst part is that children are at a higher rate of developing fluorosis because it strikes between birth and eight years. For children who accidentally or deliberately swallow toothpaste, the discoloration is way worse. Our pediatric dentist in North Hollywood recommends using minimal fluoridated toothpaste for children growing their first teeth. This is, especially for a child who cannot spit out the paste without help. However, our pediatric dentist in North Hollywood states that fluoridated toothpaste is the best solution for children, even when they swallow. This is because fluoridated toothpaste poses less danger after consumption, unlike pure fluoride toothpaste.


Allergies against fluoride are rare but they do occur. Some children who come from a family history of dental complications are more likely to develop their own responses to fluoride as opposed to other children. Types of allergies you may notice include skin irritations and sensitive teeth.


Also equally rare, but it can still happen. When an unmonitored child comes into contact with fluoride toothpaste,or any other related substance such as fluoride varnish,they may end up swallowing too many amounts. The paste could also get into other sensitive areas of the body like the eyes and nose. If you have a young baby, you should constantly monitor their movement, especially those who have just begun crawling and are highly adventurous. Expert dentists understand this danger; that is why they recommend using gels and solutions for children under six years. In the real sense, all they point to is extreme caution when handling fluoride substances when in the company of children.

Fluoride Treatment Recommendations


The frequency of occurrence of dental complications among children is five times higher than asthma. When you visit our pediatric facility at the Victory Plaza Dental Group, our professional and quality dentists will schedule a 3-6 months fluoride treatment for your baby. This treatment plan recommends that you should not use any type of fluoride treatment until your child comes of age and begins growing primary teeth. Here are some evidence-based tips you can consider to minimize the over-use of excessive fluoride for your children.

  • All children under the age of six should never use any home-fluoride toothpaste without adult supervision.
  • When present, always supervise when your young child brushes their teeth. When absent, delegate the duty to an older sibling or nanny.
  • If you are an all-time present parent, try brushing your child’s teeth personally rather than supervise.

This way, you can prevent teeth cavities’ eruption, enhance gum strength and minimize the occurrence of future dental issues.


Adults’ usage of fluoride varies according to genetics and family history. The dosage, concentration, and frequency of fluoride treatment differ in light of the user’s risk level. If an adult can use fluoride but in minimal amounts, professional treatment can help the individual understand their limits. A simple visit to the Victory Plaza Dental Group will help you determine whether or not you are a high-risk fluoride adult. If so, you must seek professional fluoride treatment twice every year. As an adult, you can use different types of fluoride-related treatment and solutions, including mouthwash. All you have to do is to ensure that your risk level is manageable. Keep in mind that lack of fluoride is not a solution if you are a high-risk adult.

The Efficiency of Fluoride Treatment for Children

The best children dentist in twon knows the value you and your family stand to enjoy once you embrace the health of your teeth. Mostly varnish, fluoride treatment is ideal for children as it goes a long way in preventing the risk of teeth cavity development. Moreover, the treatment also facilitates strong gum formation while boosting teeth strength at the same time. Adults benefit massively from childhood diagnosis and treatment of teeth complications because had they missed these sessions, they would be getting ready to extract teeth.


Fluoride is perfect for good teeth health. However, some children and adults might be affected. This does not necessarily mean that fluoride is harmful to our health. It means that it is vital to understand the appropriate usage. Our children deserve the best that life has to offer. Health is a fundamental need for all children, no matter your financial status. The sensitivity that teeth problems expose our children to at such a young age is enough to make any parent want to secure a better and healthy future for all their loved ones. This is where we come in; the best children dentist in twon and just a call away. Here is to a brilliant oral health for our children.