Kid-Friendly Snacks that are ok for your child Teeth

A considerable percentage of children usually suffer from untreated cavities. As a parent, you need to be concerned about such matters because acidic foods, beverages, and sugary foods are readily available and easily accessible.

As a concerned parent, you can protect your child by ensuring they take nutritious drinks and food that can support their dental health. We recommend you to discuss this with your dentist, however below are some of our favorite kids friendly snacks for school:

1.Whole-Grain Hummus and Pita Chips

This is a suitable substitute for popcorn. In most cases, when it’s movie night, children and adults usually take popcorn. The main issue is that the buttery treat usually wreaks havoc on the child’s teeth. Popcorn pieces and kernels can get lodged between the teeth, and the child will experience tooth decay. The popcorn can also crack or chip the child’s teeth.

If your child has braces, the popcorn will be hard on their teeth. The kernels cannot be removed easily when they’re lodged between braces. Suppose your children don’t want to take cucumber slices that are crunchy as an alternative to popcorn. In that case, the whole-grain pita chips are a suitable alternative, and they can be accompanied by guacamole.

Such healthy options are suitable, and not only if you want better teeth. Let’s look into more healthy alternatives according to the best children dentist in North Hollywood.

2.Cheese and Different Dairy Products

Cheese and dairy products such as milk and yogurt are among the kids friendly snacks for school. According to the Victory Plaza Dental Group, these products have a generous amount of calcium. They also contain minerals that help to improve your jawbone health.

According to the best children dentist in North Hollywood, dairy products also contain casein, a protein that helps to strengthen the tooth enamel. Also, these products contain phosphates that help to reduce acidity in the mouth.

Victory Plaza Dental Health Group has also shed more light on the importance of cultured dairy products since they contain healthy bacteria, which ensure unhealthy bacteria won’t overgrow in the digestive tract or the mouth. The combination of calcium and probiotics in the yogurt will reduce the risk of your kids suffering from tooth decay or gum disease.

Always keep in mind the kids won’t enjoy the full benefits of the dietary calcium if they fail to get the right amount of vitamin D since it ensures the body can process the minerals at ease.

3.Pears and Fresh Apples

Other kids friendly snacks for school include fruits such as pears and fresh apples. The fruits can be dried or fresh. The dried ones have a tacky and chewy consistency such that they can stick to crannies and nooks.

Some of the fruits you need to avoid include oranges since they have a high acid content, and the enamel will be eroded in the process. Fruits such as pears and apples have high water content, and the sugars present in the fruit are diluted.

The fibrous meat present in the fruit will encourage the production of saliva. Thus, your child will be protected from cavities since food particles will be washed away.

4.Flavored Tea and Water

Water plays a key role when it comes to different life processes. Water can dissolve solid materials, and such properties make it useful since it can rinse food particles before they turn to bacteria that can attract plaque. Water will also dilute the acids, which will eventually lead to tooth decay.

Fluoridated water is also beneficial to your oral health. The fluoride usually supports the natural ability of the teeth to remineralize the enamel, and your kids will maintain cavity-resistant and strong teeth.

Tea is also among the kids friendly snacks for school. You can serve your kids green or black tea since it helps with fluoride protection. Also, the tea contains different substances, including polyphenols, that can kill bacteria while reducing the risk of your kids suffering from gum disease.

The Victory Plaza Dental Group experts will provide regular checkups, treat dental disorders, and offer professional cleaning services. They’ll also offer useful wellness advice to kids.