Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost With Insurance

Wisdom tooth extraction cost in North Hollywood is an average of $200 to $1000 per tooth depending on the treatments needed. In case you require all four teeth removed, you will multiply the cost of one tooth by four. This is the average cost without any dental insurance.

If you have dental insurance plan, it might help you to cover the prices of wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth grow between ages 17 and 21. They grow at the back of your mouth; hence, they can be sources of problems such as tooth decay, crowding other teeth, and getting trapped under the gum line. Having these conditions causes people to have their wisdom teeth removed. Here we will explore more on cost of wisdom tooth extraction without insurance and with insurance.

Do Dental Insurances Cover Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Most dental insurances provide some benefits when it comes to the wisdom tooth extraction cost. Wisdom teeth extraction benefits range between 50% and 80% of the dentist’s fees. The benefits are also subject to co-pays and deductibles. There is an annual limit of the amount your insurance pays when it comes to impacted wisdom teeth. For instance, if you have a yearly limit of $1000 and the procedure costs $4000, you will reach your maximum; hence, no more benefits for the remaining part of the year.

If you have all your wisdom teeth, but they are causing swelling and pain, you might opt to remove them. The least amount you can pay for the procedure might be $600 plus other fees for X-rays and anesthesia. The total bill may be around $1000. In case your insurance caters for 50%, you will pay only $500. This will leave a huge amount on the yearly insurance limit, which can help cover additional dental procedures in the year.

Some other dental insurances have a waiting period policy before covering the teeth extractions procedure. So, it is important to verify that you have met the waiting period before you schedule the wisdom teeth removal.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost Without Insurance

After a careful examination of your wisdom teeth, our oral surgeons at Victory Plaza Dental in North Hollywood will suggest the best treatment necessary. If your winsome teeth need extraction, you might be interested to know about wisdom teeth removal cost. The average cost of tooth extraction depend on several factors. The average cost of a impacted wisdom tooth extraction without insurance could be between $200 – $1000 depending on where you go and the treatments needed. Here is the wisdom tooth removal cost breakdown without insurance.

  • Surgical extraction with bone impaction – between $250 and $500 for each tooth
  • Surgical extraction with soft tissue impaction – between $225 and $600 for each tooth
  • Simple extraction – between $75-$200 for each damaged tooth

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost With Insurance

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction with insurance is less than without insurance by almost or more than half the total bill. The wisdom tooth extraction price is mainly determined by the limit that your dental insurance offers. The average cost to get wisdom teeth removed is around $70-$300 depending on where you go. This is not including additional treatments you may need such as bone grafting.

Ways to Reduce Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost

Payment Plans

This plan refers to a technique of reducing wisdom tooth extraction cost if you have no dental insurance cover. Some general dentists and oral surgeons may permit you to pay a part of the charges over an agreed period.

Discount Dental Plans

This is an excellent way to cater to the wisdom tooth extraction cost. This plan has no yearly pending limit. The patient pays only a single annual fee and can save on dental treatments the entire year.

Why You May Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

As your wisdom teeth develop, the dentist might detect whether they need removal or extraction. The dentist takes an X-ray to check the growth of these teeth. Here are some of the conditions that may lead to wisdom teeth removal.

  • The tooth has erupted from the gums, but it traps food behind the neighboring tooth. This may cause the other tooth to have cavities.
  • Your tooth has erupted at an angle that is difficult to keep clean
  • The tooth is making you bite the tongue or cheek
  • Your tooth has erupted, but it applies a lot of pressure on other teeth or it is causing crowding.
  • The tooth has erupted partially, and this might result in chronic infection.
  • Your gums and the jaw have trapped the tooth
  • There is a cyst forming around your tooth

You may need your wisdom teeth removed if you are experiencing infection, pain, damage to neighboring teeth, cavities development, tumors, and cysts around the area. You may also have them removed if you need teeth straightening with aligners or braces.

Process Involved in Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost

The process of wisdom teeth removal North Hollywood might be a complex or simple surgical procedure. If the tooth has partially or fully erupted, the dentist may take it out by themselves, which means that the tooth has a part that can be accessed using an appliance.

In case the wisdom teeth are below your gums or jaw bone, the dentist might recommend surgery. Oral surgeons possess the expertise to handle complicated dental surgeries. Wisdom teeth removal is a common procedure for these surgeons.

In a single appointment, the dentist can remove more than one tooth. Other individuals may opt for the removal of the four teeth in one appointment.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Wisdom tooth removal comes with some risks. Here are some of the risks involved.

Dry Sockets

In case the blood supply to the sockets fails to clot properly, you experience dry sockets. This delays the healing process.

Trapped Bacteria and Food

The open socket or hole traps bacteria and food particles. After the gums begin to heal over, the condition gets resolved.

Sinus Problems

After removal of the upper tooth, the sinus sometimes connects the open hole. The inflammation may result in temporary sinus problems and infections.

Nerve Damage

The nerves in the lip, tongue, lower jaw, and chin may remain dumb and get damaged. This might be permanent or temporary, but it’s a rare case.

Do I Need Bone Graft After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Bone grafting is not very common after teeth removal; however, the dentist may advise you to have it. The good thing is, a bone graft is painless and a simple procedure that takes place in the dental surgeon’s office. The bone graft helps preserve the jawbone density, and it’s essential if you plan to get a dental implant.

What Else You Should Know Before Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Did you know that the socket or hole takes some months to close fully after the tooth removal? The dentist will advise you on activities to avoid for some time to not risk having a dry socket. For instance, do not drink from the straw, avoid spitting, smoking, and strenuous exercise.

After the extraction, mind what you eat. Go for foods that are nourishing and, at the same time, comfortable. Do not consume spicy or hot food and drinks.

It’s also important to note that wisdom teeth pain and swelling last for around three to four days up to a whole week. You can apply icepacks to minimize the swelling. The doctor may also administer some painkillers. Expect a little bleeding after the procedure, but the dentist will offer you a gauze to control the blood flow.

On the other hand, the surgical procedure should not hurt because you get either general or local anesthesia. You experience the pain after the procedure. The extent of the surgery is also a determining factor for the level of discomfort. See also American Dental Association to learn more about wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost and Financing Options

If you don’t have a health insurance, did you know there are other financing options with los monthly payments. Contact our office and learn more about our low monthly payment financing options.

Can I Pull All My Wisdom Teeth at the Same Time?

Yes, you can have all your wisdom teeth removed at the same time. This will help prevent subsequent surgeries, extra wisdom tooth extraction price, discomfort, and recovery time.

Where to Find Best Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost Near Me

Should I choose a dentist near me? Yes. To have your wisdom teeth removal North Hollywood, choose our dentists. Our dentists and oral surgeons at Victory Plaza Dental in North Hollywood will make your appointments very convenient. If you are also wondering, what is the cost of wisdom tooth extraction near me? Worry no more, for we have got you covered. Our specialists at Victory Plaza Dental in North Hollywood have compiled a list of the prices, and if you have any queries, we are just a call away.

The dental care you receive at our North Hollywood Dental practice is exceptional. For any consultation regarding wisdom teeth removal North Hollywood do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your oral health.