Important facts you need to look for before choosing your dentist for Root Canal Treatments

If you know that you need a root canal, you may be wondering how to choose your dentist. Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime.  Root canals are common procedures and can help save your tooth from extraction. Here are some important facts that help you find the best dental fit for you and your family.

Experience and Expertise

When it comes to your tooth’s work, there’s no factor that’s more important than its ultimate success. And it seems logical to speculate that the added expertise and advance technology will favorably influence the outcome of the treatment they provide. Does your Dentist guarantee the results? Does your dentist take the time to tell you about all the pros and cons of getting the treatment? Does your dentist answer all your questions? Does your dentist take the time to explain the procedure?

Make Informed Decisions about Your Treatment

It goes without saying that over the course of time, advancements in the field of Root canal Therapy due to technology increased the success of root canals, but, unfortunately, some teeth have lower chance of success in Root Canal Therapy. It is, therefore, important to consider the reasons for the successes and failures of root canal therapy (RCT) so you can better understand the process and how it plays a role in your unique situation.

At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we understand that dental procedures can be confusing. Our office is proudly equipped with CAESY interactive 3D models, animations, and educational videos during consultations to give you an in-depth understanding of the procedure being offered and help you make informed decisions about your treatment.

Advanced Technology Makes Root Canals Easier

Dentistry is improving so fast. Root Canal Therapy has gone high-tech these days, making the procedure much easier for both patients and dentists. With Modern Dental instruments and advanced techniques, dentists have more resources than ever to complete successful Root Canals.

Digital X-rays Technology

Dentists have to use x-rays several times during the procedure to check the status of the tooth. Digital X-Ray Technology not only delivers less than 10% radiation of conventional (film) X-rays; but also minimizes ecological footprint since there are no chemicals used for developing the films. When a patient has a digital X-Ray done, the image appears on the computer in a matter of seconds. This high-performance technology is also environmentally friendly (no more film or chemicals) and allows instant viewing of your teeth, which helps to eliminate treatment disruptions.

Steam Sterilization

Steam Sterilization is a simple yet very effective decontamination method. Sterilization is achieved by exposing products to saturated steam at high temperatures (121°C to 134°C). Product(s) are placed in a device called the autoclave and heated through pressurized steam to kill all microorganisms including spores. This system is more time efficient and reliable; eliminates toxic chemical sterilization vapors in the dental office environment, Eliminates hazardous waste; allows for re-use of dental appliances.

Nickel Titanium Files

Stainless Steel files used to clean out the root canals were susceptible to breakage and limited the amount of infection that could be removed. It is very important to make sure your dentist uses Nickel Titanium files which are more flexible with less breakage.


Current local anesthetics make it easier to numb the entire tooth, so patients don’t feel any pain during the procedure.

Sedation dentistry and Laughing Gas

Don’t let fear and anxiety keep you from getting the root canal treatment you need. Sedation dentistry is a very safe method whereby pills are used to help you achieve a completely relaxed and comfortable state to receive your dental work. Sedation can be used for everything from invasive procedures to a simple tooth cleaning. How it’s used depends on the severity of the fear.

Modern Dental Instruments

New High Torque motor hand pieces are much stronger and faster than the conventional hand pieces, enabling dentists to have more control over their dental instruments and better and perform a better and more precise root canal. With Advance root canal System Integrated  (ASI) to detect and treat tooth decay and perform dental procedures with maximum comfort. Cutting edge innovations in dental instruments are requiring less time in the dental chair, causing less discomfort and creating more satisfying results.

Electric Hand pieces

Electric hand piece (Drill)  are new innovation that helps the dentists do better dentistry! Electric hand pieces are very quiet and have less vibration compared to traditional dental drills. They offer patients a more comfortable treatment experience. This results in increased efficiency of procedures and less time in the dental chair for you.

Microscopes and Magnifying Glasses

Magnifying glasses with fiber optic light will give dentists a better view during the procedure. A Familiar Environment may Reduce your Anxiety

Having your own dentist perform your work has the advantage that your treatment will be performed in an office you’re already familiar with, by a person you already know. This may significantly reduce your anxiety and stress for the root canal treatment.

Treatment Continuity

It shouldn’t be overlooked that just having one person perform all of your tooth’s work may offer the advantage of their being able to combine some of your needed appointments. It is extremely important that a final restoration be placed on the tooth following endodontic treatment. If this is not done in a timely manner, bacteria will re-infect the root canal and the treatment will need to be redone. Teeth that have had root canal treatment are prone to fracture until a final restoration is placed. At the completion of your endodontic procedure, your dentist might be able to place, or at least begin the process of placing, your tooth’s final restoration. The advantage being that there would be less risk of coronal leakage occurring or in the case of a fragile tooth, tooth fracture.

Many dentists stay up-to-date on ongoing advancements in root canal technology, and are utilizing their skills in the dental office. If you are interested in what dental technology has to offer, speak with your dentist about their state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. You may be surprised to learn what new dental solutions are being developed to improve your regular dental visits. Choose your primary dentist

carefully, having a dental home allows you to feel comfortable when you’re dropping in for a regular visit and gives you a safe and trusted place to turn for a procedure or dental emergency. That means there is always someone looking out for the best interest of you and your family.

The Future of Dentistry is Here… In Victory Plaza Dental Group we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of dental technology. We thoroughly research every new technology we bring into our office and we only offer the highest quality and most advanced equipment available. Not only do our patients appreciate the thought and effort that goes into adopting new dental technologies, but they also reap the benefits by having more thorough yet less invasive treatments that produce better results!

Technology Helps You Make Informed Decisions… When it comes to dental care, it’s important that you know enough to decide which procedures are right for you, and which ones you’d rather do without. Working with a high-tech dentist ensures you have that information. Intra oral cameras and digital x-rays allow you to see exactly what your dentist sees. You don’t have to take his word for it because you can’t see inside your mouth or read tiny bitewing pictures. Instead, it’s right there in front of you to see on our chair side monitors. Digital imaging and wax-ups allow you to envision the results of a certain procedure, so you can see that, too.

In addition, we offer CAESY patient education so you can read up on all your options to become educated about the procedures.

Technology for Better Results

Enjoy the Benefits of a High-Tech Dentist

Our dentists at Victory Plaza Dental Group have been safely and expertly performing root canal procedures for years. Our experienced dentists offer convenient, comfortable, high-quality care that will help you keep yournatural teethfor a lifetime.