12 Best Tooth Fairy Ideas

Many of us remember the tooth fairy notes and other mementos we received as children. Once your own kids start losing their baby teeth, you may start looking for tooth fairy ideas. Here are a few you might want to consider.

1. Leave a Receipt

Lots of children receive a dollar or two in exchange for a tooth. But getting a receipt from the tooth fairy can make their experience even more special. To personalize the receipt, consider including a note. This is a great way to offer some praise if your child has been taking great care of their teeth. Even something as simple as “Thanks for such a healthy tooth! Keep up the great work!” is good.

You can also find printable receipts online that look remarkably like a real receipt. Printing one of these out is quick and easy. It’s sure to create lasting memories!

A printed certificate is a formal-looking alternative that your child will love. You can find certificate templates online or make your own. Most templates include the date, your child’s name, and how many teeth they left for the tooth fairy.

2. Offer a Tooth Coin

Plenty of parents like to think outside the box when it comes to tooth fairy gifts. If that’s you, think about leaving a commemorative coin. Plenty of online stores offer enameled coins with pictures of teeth or an image of the tooth fairy. Many say “one tooth” or something similar. Coins like these make beautiful but inexpensive children’s tooth fairy gifts.

If you’re particularly artistic, you might consider making a coin for your child. You don’t need to be a metalworker to do this. Painting or woodburning a wooden coin can be a great way to put together a gift your child won’t forget. Even drawing a tooth with a quality permanent marker can look nice.

3. Make a Tooth Fairy Box

Many tooth fairy ideas focus on making the tooth fairy experience magical. But if you’re looking to spend more time bonding with your child, making a box to hold their tooth for the tooth fairy can be a lot of fun. There are a few different materials you may want to use for this idea:

A Purchased Box

You can always buy a small wooden box or treasure chest to hold your child’s tooth. You can paint the box together or let your child decorate it with stickers, glitter glue, or other materials. If there’s space, try putting a little pillow inside for the tooth, too!

An Empty Chapstick Container

A small chapstick tube makes a great baby tooth fairy box. Even though they’re tiny, chapstick tubes are just about the perfect size for a baby tooth or two. You and your child can decorate the tube together, and you can even put your child’s name on it.

A Pouch

If your child would prefer something soft to put under their pillow, a little zippered or drawstring pouch just might work. Depending on the material, you may even be able to iron on a patch. And if your child thinks they have the best pediatric dentist in town, you might even want to include a sticker from the dentist’s office!

4. Leave Magical Money

What is tooth fairy money like? Most kids just receive a standard dollar bill or two from the tooth fairy. But it’s deceptively easy to make the money your child receives for a tooth look downright magical. All you need is some hairspray and some glitter! Simply coat the bill with hairspray (or a spray adhesive), coat it in glitter, and shake off the excess glitter.

If you can find a golden dollar coin, these make excellent tooth fairy gifts. You can even polish them so they look like new.

5. Have the Tooth Fairy Forget Something

The mysterious tooth fairy fascinates kids. And what better way to intrigue them than to have the tooth fairy “forget” her wand? You can find tiny, inexpensive wands just about everywhere online. Leave the little wand where your child left their tooth. Then watch their amazement in the morning!

6. Include a Gift Basket

This idea is a good one if it’s your child’s first time losing a tooth. And getting a reminder to brush from the tooth fairy herself can be especially helpful. Talk to your children dentist in North Hollywood to see about the best toothbrushes, toothpastes, and other dental accessories to include. Your child will wake up to a basket of goodies from the tooth fairy! make sure to include a kind and encouraging note addressed to your child, too.

7. Make Dollar Bill Origami

This is one of those tooth fairy ideas that requires you to be at least a little crafty. A dollar bill on its own can be an exciting gift for a child, but receiving a dollar folded to look like a butterfly or a flower is even better. And if you know nothing about origami, don’t worry. YouTube and other sites offer seemingly endless tutorials on folding dollars.

If you want to leave your child an especially memorable folded gift, try folding a dollar bill into a tiny basket. Then, add a golden dollar to the basket and sprinkle with a pinch of glitter!

8. Leave Some Fairy Dust

Kids love getting mementos from the tooth fairy. Leaving a tiny bottle of “fairy dust” is an easy yet memorable way to create some excitement. Ideally, find a small glass bottle with a little cork stopper. Then, choose a color of glitter that your child loves and fill the bottle with it. This tooth fairy gift is extra portable. So the next time you visit your children dentist in North Hollywood, your child might just want to take it along for show and tell.

9. Make a Tooth Fairy Bed

Your child might like the idea of making something for the tooth fairy. Tell them that sometimes the tooth fairy gets tired while collecting teeth. She might like a place to lie down for a minute! You and your child can put together a tiny bed and place it somewhere in their room. Before your child wakes up, move the pillows and ruffle the bedspread a bit so they can see that the tooth fairy has been there!

If you and your child want to try something a little different, you can even make a tooth fairy teepee. And if your child already has a dollhouse, work together to set up a room for the tooth fairy to stay the night.

10. Leave Some Footprints

If you prefer tooth fairy ideas that are quick and easy, you’ll probably like this one. Kids love discovering signs that Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, or the tooth fairy have been to their homes. And with just some glitter and a doll show, you can provide that magic. To leave tooth fairy footprints, just sprinkle some glitter along your child’s windowsill. Then, leave some footprints with a doll shoe. Make sure to point it out to your child when they wake up!

11. Give Your Kids a Tooth Tracker

If your child is the organized type, they’ll probably appreciate it if the tooth fairy gives them a way to keep track of the teeth that they’ve lost. In addition to one or more of the other surprises on the list, try surprising your child with a printable “tooth tracker.” This is a picture that lets them color in teeth as they lose them. If they wish, they can even write down what days they lost which teeth.

12. Give the Tooth Fairy a Door

This is one of the best tooth fairy ideas if you’re crafty. But if not, don’t worry — you can purchase tiny doors easily and inexpensively online or at craft stores. The idea behind creating a tiny door is simple — you’re offering the tooth fairy an easy way into your home.

You might choose a plain, simple door design. But you also can paint or otherwise decorate your tooth fairy door. And if your child is artistic, you might even want to create a lawn or garden around the door. You can even include a welcome mat!

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