How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

Nobody ever wants to get their tooth pulled. And if it were entirely up to your North Hollywood dentist, that would never be an option. But, unfortunately, it does exist as a last resort option for folks who have suffered damage that is too bad to repair. Whether due to a sudden physical injury or you have a weakened tooth due to disease, it may be time to get rid of it altogether in order to preserve the rest of your dental health.

How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

Today, your experts will guide you with the best tips on how to prepare for a tooth extraction. It is important that you are prepared and educated about this procedure before you commit to it; that way, you will be able to recover much more swiftly and comfortably.

Visit the Dentist

When you have a major toothache or spreading dental pain, you may wonder if a root canal or cavity filling is necessary. Schedule an appointment with your dentist right away so that you can get the help you need. If your tooth infection or damage has spread too far and it cannot be saved with a root canal, then your dentist will recommend an extraction. This is the perfect time to learn more and ask about what to expect in terms of procedure length, pain levels, and recovery times.

Educate Yourself

You should know the ins and outs of the tooth extraction process before the day of your procedure. Furthermore, you should know which type of tooth extraction you are going to get, as there are a few different types of treatment that your dentist may recommend. Depending on whether you require a full or partial extraction, you may also require anesthesia so that you do not feel any pain throughout the in-office treatment process.

Recovery should be fast, but it is a good idea to rest and stay home from work for at least one week following your procedure. You will be given a list of post-treatment instructions that will help you stay comfortable while you wait for any lingering discomfort from the treatment to subside.

Quit Your Bad Habits

Your dentist will ask that you stop drinking and smoking on the day of your treatment and for at least two weeks afterward. If you can, work on maintaining a lifestyle that depends less on these substances, as they can increase the likelihood of oral infections. What’s more, alcohol and tobacco can both cause irreparable damage to your lungs, bloodstream, and other vital parts of your body. You can be open and honest with your dentist about your habits, as this will help him better prescribe the right type of treatment for you.

Get a Support System

You are going to need help from a buddy or two on the day of your tooth extraction. Not only will you be undergoing anesthesia throughout the procedure, but you will likely be taking other forms of pain medications, which may make it difficult to stay conscious. It is not safe to drive after a procedure like this, so you are going to need to depend on someone for a ride home. You might want to have someone with you at home for a few days to help you locate items and make it easier for you to recover without causing you too much stress.

Get Ready for a Tooth Extraction with Your Victory Plaza Dental Pros

A widespread infection might require that you pull the tooth to stop the infection from spreading even further. Younger patients with incoming wisdom teeth may be suffering the painful effects of an impacted tooth, and they might need to get ready for a wisdom tooth extraction ASAP. No matter the reasons for needing an extraction, our North Hollywood pros are here for you. Get ready for your extraction by getting in touch with us today.