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Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Painless tooth extraction with Sedation

Tooth Extraction in North Hollywood

At Victory Plaza Dental Group, tooth extraction is a basic procedure. An impacted or severely decayed tooth can give a patient pain, discomfort and an increased chance of infection. Therefore, sometimes, the best solution is to remove the tooth altogether. While the idea of extracting a tooth may make a patient nervous, we strive to give our Los Angeles clients a smooth process with as little pain as possible.

tooth extraction

What is tooth extraction?

Your teeth extend well below the gum line and into your jaw. In short, tooth extraction is the process of removing an entire tooth and root. When done properly, the patient is left with an empty socket.

Why a Dentist Might Recommend Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extraction is the most common type of removal procedure our North Hollywood patients require. However, there are several reasons that your dentist might recommend an extraction. In some cases, an accidental trauma may result in the need for the procedure. That is to say, a properly-executed extraction can improve the function, appearance and general health of your mouth. Moreover, some of the reasons a dentist will suggest extraction include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Bacterial infection
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Facial swelling

Types of Tooth Removal

At Victory Plaza Dental Group, Drs. Aghajani and Kohanbash have the training and equipment necessary to carry out several different types of extraction procedures. That is to say, here are types of tooth removal:

Emergency Tooth Removal

A trauma like a fall or a car accident may lead to cracked or broken teeth. To make room for repairs like dental implants, it is necessary to remove any remaining parts of the tooth or root.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Somewhere between the ages of 16 and 21, most people have a third set of molars that erupt. When they come in straight, the patient may not need any additional help. However, for many patients, these teeth come in at an angle and put pressure on the rest of their mouth. On the other hand, left untreated, impacted wisdom teeth can cause soreness, infection and gum disease. Above all, wisdom tooth extraction is a routine procedure in our offices and is one of our specialists.

Preventative Tooth Extraction

When tooth decay is severe, it can have a big impact on a patient’s quality of life. Painful teeth cause people to change their eating habits. For example, they may avoid healthy fruits and vegetables that are difficult to chew. In addition, removing the diseased tooth can help the mouth heal and prevent decay from spreading to healthy teeth.

What to Expect from a Tooth Removal Procedure

Tooth extraction is one of the more invasive procedures we carry out in our Los Angeles office. However, with sedation dentistry, the dentist will minimize patient discomfort.

Extraction Process

The time it takes to extract a tooth depends on its condition and placement. In most cases, you will spend less than an hour in the dentist’s chair. To clarify, although the dentist will numb your mouth, you may feel some pressure as the tooth comes out.

Tooth Extraction Healing and Aftercare

After the procedure, the dentist will give you gauze to bite. This material will put pressure on the socket and help it heal. There will be some swelling and pain at the site. Over-the-counter pain killers can help deal with any discomfort. Other precautions to promote tooth extraction healing include:

  • Limiting activity for a day
  • No sucking through straws
  • Eating soft foods
  • No spitting
  • Placing ice on the site
  • No smoking

Finding a Tooth Extraction Expert Near Me

In conclusion, a painful, sensitive tooth can leave you wondering, “Is there an excellent dentist near me?” For dental procedures in North Hollywood, the dentists at Victory Plaza Dental Group offer the latest techniques coupled with years of experience. A trip to our office will help restore a healthy smile.

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