How to Help Your Kid Have a Stress-Free Tooth Extraction

Remember the stories of the tooth fairy and the thrill of placing a loose tooth under your pillow, and waking up to find a little reward? Making the process of losing teeth enjoyable for kids is an exciting part of their growth that should last as a treasured memory rather than a traumatic event. That’s why, while loose teeth can sometimes cause discomfort, it is a good idea to have it done in a controlled environment with as little pain as possible. Below we cover how to help your kid have a stress-free tooth extraction.

How to Help Your Kid Have a Stress-Free Tooth Extraction

Your child will start to learn that pulling teeth is a natural part of growing up that facilitates the growth of stronger, adult teeth. At Victory Plaza Dental, home of your North Hollywood dentists and pediatric care professionals, we will give you the best tips on how to help your kid have a stress-free tooth extraction. Pulling a tooth is a big deal but it can be turned into an exciting event with a little bit of imagination and effort.

Create a Memory Scrapbook

Help your child transform the experience into a lifelong memory by crafting a tooth fairy memory book together. Use colorful paper, sticks, glue, and little pockets to store the teeth. This book will preserve the memories associated with losing teeth, and your child may even be so excited that they are willing to show it off in front of their friends. They will be eager to continue adding their teeth to the book as they lose them over time.

Let the Tooth Come Out On Its Own

If your loved one is terrified of the dentist and is not too bothered by the loose tooth, you can encourage them to wait for the right time and to just let the loose tooth come out naturally. Pulling it out prematurely can be uncomfortable and disrupt the natural process. Colgate suggests that the roots of baby teeth need time to dissolve before they fall out. Your dentist can take a closer look and determine if your child’s tooth is ready to come out yet.

Make Extraction All Fun & Games

Waiting in the lobby of the dentist’s office just to have a tooth pulled does not sound like a very fun time for patients of any age. Your child may start to feel bored fast. So you can transform the wait into a playful game. If you are at home, you can have your child mark each day on the calendar that the tooth is loose. Promise them a fun prize at the end if they can wait patiently until they can go to the dentist for an extraction. It could be a trip to their favorite ice cream place, an hour with their preferred cartoon, or a new toy.

Encourage Your Child to Share

If you go with the scrapbook idea from the beginning of the article, your child may suddenly want to share their encounter with the tooth fairy. Encourage your child to share the experience with their classmates during a show-and-tell event. It can prove an informative and entertaining presentation about what to expect during the tooth loss process. And other kids can learn from your child after having just gone through all of that dental work.

Read Dental Health Books

Dentistry may seem like a boring subject, even for adults. But did you know that there are numerous children’s books that revolve around losing teeth? By reading these books and looking at the pictures, your little loved one can get a better idea of what to expect at the dentist. These reading materials will provide them with role models and reassure them that what they’re going through is entirely normal.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Regular Checkups!

If your kid’s tooth is ready to come out, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly professionals. Before and after the extraction process, your dentist will want to perform regular checkups to ensure that your child’s oral health is doing well. This is also a great way to prevent oral health conditions from developing. Act fast and learn more about our special tooth extractions for children by contacting us online or over the phone!