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Children’s teeth are not as complicated as adult teeth. In adulthood, you cannot grow another tooth as you would the milk teeth, which we shed off as children, and get a new set as we progress to adulthood. Besides, as much as we get to shed off the milk teeth, we should learn to maintain them and avoid cavities and gum infections. Many children and parents assume that since we eventually shed our milk teeth, we can eat lots of candy which in turn causes oral issues. The fact is, we should teach our children to take care of their milk teeth to avoid future dental problems.

If you need consultation on keeping your child’s teeth healthy, our pediatric dentists are always here to help. You can always contact us through our hotline or visit our website anytime. Maintaining a healthy smile on your child’s face requires you to know a few factors.

Let us begin,

What is a Pediatric Dentist?

A pediatric dentist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the oral health of children. We ensure that the teeth and gums of kids are healthy from the early stages to their teen years. Children start to grow their first set of teeth (milk teeth) from 6 months and typically begin to shed them at 6 or 7 years. Following the primary teeth come permanent/secondary teeth. If children do not obtain proper dental care, they risk developing dental problems like dental caries and oral decay, which can persist into adulthood, causing lifetime pain or complications.

Children need us to ensure they shed their teeth properly to grow a healthy set of teeth. To prevent dental caries in your child, we administer oral exams for risk assessment. Since children can be more nervous or irritable than adults, we know how to examine and treat them by making them as comfortable as possible.

What Kinds of Treatments can a Pediatric Dentist Provide?

Children have specifically designed equipment (so the procedure does not appear frightening). We also offer protective treatments like cleaning, nutritional consultations, and fluoride treatments. Thumb-sucking and the use of a pacifier cause oral problems among children, for which we offer solutions like habit counseling. Most importantly, we repair teeth defects or cavities and manage gum-related diseases such as short frenulum, mucoceles, pediatric periodontal disease, and ulcers.

The best tooth doctor for kids recommends early tooth assessment and regular visits. All About Pediatric Dentistry section provides recommendations for many oral treatments for kids. The emergency dentist for kids at our office offers treatment to straighten teeth and correct improper bites. They attend to all dental injuries such as knocked-out teeth, fractured teeth, displaced teeth, e.t.c. It is my priority to keep my children’s teeth healthy, so I schedule regular dental check-ups for them. At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we offer services related to oral conditions associated with diseases like congenital heart defects, diabetes, asthma, attention deficit, hay fever, and other serious illnesses.

What is Emergency Children Dentistry

Emergency children dentistry is a treatment service administered to children quickly to relieve them of oral pain. Pediatric dentistry is a branch in dentistry that deals with the oral healthcare of children from childhood to adolescence. We provide emergency pediatric dentists services for situations such as deep tongue or lip bite, dangerous objects stuck to the teeth, tooth knockout, toothaches, e.t.c.

In case of any emergency dental problems, contact our pediatric dentists to get the best tooth doctor for kids. You only need to visit our website and search for a children’s dentist near me to get the best Kid’s dentist in north hollywood. Most dental insurances accepted are from top insurance providers, but nowadays, we consider policies issued from upcoming institutions.

What is the History of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric history has been around for as long as we can remember. Scripts of tooth decay diseases dating back to about 1800 BC from the ancient Egyptians exist. The dental business flourished in the 19th century, and a few professionals specialized in treating children. Decades later, pediatric dentistry became a separate profession from a general dentist. Around the turn of the 20th century, pediatric dentistry advised dentists to begin treating children within six months of the emergence of their first tooth. From 2014, pediatric dentistry became mandatory for all kids under the Affordable Care Act.

At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we are always here for the oral well-being of your kids. You can start a consultation with us as soon as possible, and most dental insurances accepted, ensuring that you get the best services for optimum satisfaction.

The importance of visiting a pediatric dentist

The dentist for kids has extra training to handle children’s teeth with extra care. Bring your child to a dentist for kids at least once a year to enable them to establish good oral habits. It also allows us to monitor your child’s teeth and ensure there are no cases of tooth decay or pain. Children with regular dental visits have a higher chance of keeping their teeth healthy for the rest of their lives.

My kids dentist always ensures my children’s teeth are in good shape, which boosts their confidence to smile, speak, and interact with other kids. Our goal is to give your children a healthy smile and a long-lasting smile. We also offer parental advice, for example, when to stop breastfeeding at night after their first tooth. During their kid’s kindergarten years, we will share tips on how to prevent tooth decay. A kid friendly dentist always ensures that your kids go out happy after the visit. If your kids need a dentist to connect with getting the treatment, you can always give us a call through the contact details on our website, or search the children dentist near me.

When should children start going to the dentist?

Ideally, your child should begin visiting the dentist at six months or after having his first tooth at the age of 1 year. Healthy teeth are more likely to develop if you start visiting the dentist as soon as your baby gets them. Always consider seeing an emergency pediatric dentist in case of any complications. We also have a Spanish speaking dental office to monitor your child’s progress and attend to their needs accordingly.

In their toddler years, visits tend to be brief, but as they get older, they become longer as they receive more care and attention. As your child grows accustomed to the visits, the anxiety adults have during a dentist examination also decreases. You can still bring your child to the dentist even if they do not have their first tooth. They will receive a comprehensive oral exam from our dentist for kids to ensure all is in order.

How Often Should Children see their dentist?

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Dental Association recommend that kids see their dentist every six months. If they go a whole year without dental check-ups, it only means that they have no dental issues. The most important thing is to ensure that they are not developing undiagnosed oral health problems.

Our dentist for kids provides advice on loose teeth, brushing, flossing, x-rays, and dental sealants On regular check-ups. We also monitor the progress as your child grows up. We will also be going over questions with you and your children if they are old enough. Having regular dental visits allows you to establish a solid relationship with our dentists. You will then be able to resolve any dental problems that may arise for your children.

When Kids should Floss their teeth

Starting flossing early in life is crucial for children. They should begin flossing as soon as their teeth get close together. Kids can benefit from good flossing habits in many ways, including their teeth and gums being healthy at all times. The act of flossing at a young age also helps them to continue the practice throughout their lives. They can start flossing at the age of two or six years. We also recommend that you take your kids to the dentist if you are not sure when they should start flossing.

To prevent gum injuries, make sure they use a flexible, soft floss thread. Guide your kids through the flossing process and monitor them until they reach the point at which they can do it themselves by the age of around ten years. Occasionally, a child may experience bleeding after their first attempt, which is normal. If the bleeding persists, contact us right away and schedule an appointment. At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we ensure that your kids get nothing but the best dental care.

When do kids lose their first tooth?

Children start to lose their teeth at the age of 6 or 7 years. Typically, the two lower incisors in the middle are the first to come out. The upper two central incisors come out first, followed by the lateral incisors, followed by the first molars, then the canines, and finally, the second molars drop off.
The milk teeth remain in place until they get replaced by permanent teeth.

The decay of the milk teeth or when the milk teeth get knocked out causes the permanent teeth to become crooked since they drift to the space left behind. Maintaining a healthy mouth and beautiful smile through frequent visits to the dentist is essential. You can visit our website to get the best Kid’s dentist in north hollywood.

How to pull a kids tooth

Babies often lose their teeth without any help. When their teeth get loose, they eventually fall off without much assistance. Consequently, pulling the tooth too early can be a disadvantage, which is why you should wait until the tooth is loose to pull it out. You can advise your kids to wiggle the loose tooth with their tongue until it falls off, avoid poking their tooth with dirty fingers, and brush their teeth at least once a day. These simple tips will help them pull out their falling teeth appropriately and timely. In case of any complications, you can visit a dentist for kids at our facility.

Our recommendation is to go to the kid’s dentist

If you want a kid friendly dentist, you can opt for Victory Plaza Dental Group. We have excellent pediatric dentists, and we also have a Spanish speaking dental office section at our facility. To ensure your child’s oral health, we always recommend starting their pediatric dental visits early. You can also meet a fun fun kids dentist Dr Farnaz Kohan, known for being one of the best practitioners in our institution. She is a kid friendly dentist and also among the best Kid’s dentist in north hollywood.

Most Common Dental treatments and Conditions in Children

How to prevent tooth decay in children

Children can prevent tooth decay by brushing their teeth. It is only necessary for you to teach your kids oral hygiene and avoid foods that cause tooth decay. Tooth decay occurs by bacteria that eat up the enamel of the tooth. Children often develop the condition from eating too many sugary foods such as chocolates, sweets, etc. There are many tips on how to maintain your kid’s oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay.

Some of them include cleaning your baby’s teeth after breastfeeding, keeping your teeth and gums healthy to avoid transfer bacteria to the baby, and feeding your baby with healthy foods, among others. You can visit our website and search for the children dentist near me for the best services in North Hollywood.

Children tooth pain

Children often experience tooth pain because of gum diseases and tooth decay. The cause also might be because of a cracked tooth, infection, e.t.c. The most effective solution to a painful tooth is visiting an emergency children’s dentist. To address any dental pain that arises in children, we provide emergency pediatric dentistry. You can contact us anytime to get the best emergency dentist for kids. You can also search for the children dentist near me on our website to get the best specialists near you.

Baby Root Canal

It is advisable to save baby root canals even if you expect the tooth to fall out anyway. Milk teeth help kids to speak and also for chewing food. A dentist for kids may prescribe a root canal for your child, which is highly advantageous. It helps permanent teeth to erupt correctly, avoiding crooked teeth. You can always visit our website to book an appointment with the best pediatric dentist in north hollywood.

What about orthodontics for kids

The purpose of Orthodontics (braces for kids) is to correct irregularities in the teeth. According to the American Dental Association, children should have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven. Our Spanish speaking dental office also handles these services and has most dental insurances accepted. Our tooth doctor for kids can prescribe the treatment if your child has misaligned or crooked teeth, extra teeth, missing teeth, open bite, an underbite, among other conditions.

Where to go for children dentistry in North Hollywood, CA

At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we offer the best pediatric services in North Hollywood, CA. You can click on our website to book an appointment or to get an emergency children’s dentist right away. My kids dentist is among the best pediatric dentist in north hollywood. While your children grow up, let us provide them with that healthy smile they deserve.

Bottom line

The oral health of our children is critical to ensure their comfort, happiness, and general well-being. Providing high-quality, expert dental care for your kids is one of our main goals at Victory Plaza Dental Group. You can call us any time or click on our website to book an appointment. You can also search for the best children’s dentist near me to get a specialist in your area.