What is the most Affordable Teeth Replacement Option for Missing Teeth

Dentures are the most affordable teeth replacement option. The reason being, creating them takes a very short time. You do not need surgery or dental crown placement. The dentist only requires to take an impression and measurement of your mouth. They then send the expected shape and appearance of the teeth to the lab for creation. In a few weeks, they will be ready for fitting. You may use this type of teeth replacement method for a single tooth or the whole mouth. Let’s explore what dentures are, the advantages and disadvantages, the cost, and the procedure of getting them.

What are Dentures

Dentures refer to artificial gums and teeth created by the dentist to replace removed or lost natural teeth. They can either be partial or full. You might take some time to get used to them because they do not feel like your natural teeth. The dentist advises you on the denture to choose based on the number of teeth that need replacement and the charges involved. Here we will find out everything about dentures, including where to get affordable dentures in North Hollywood.

How Do Dentures Work

If you go for full dentures, you will get a fitting flesh-colored acrylic set over the gums. The lower dentures’ foot has a horseshoe-like shape to accommodate the tongue, while the upper denture has an extended part that covers your palate. They are tailor-made in the dental lab from the mouth impressions the dentist takes. The dentist then determines the type that best suits your needs.

Benefits of Dentures

It is good to know everything about dentures before investing in them. Here are the benefits of dentures.

1. Procedures are Fast

How long does it take to get dentures? Compared to other dental procedures, they do not take a lot of time. For instance, dental implants require the patient to visit the dentist multiple times over between six months to two years. On the other hand, dentures only require between two and six weeks to get created and fitted. If it is an emergency, you may even get your denture fitted in two days.

2. They Provide Extra Support to Sagging and Weak Jaw

Muscles in the jaw and mouth weaken with age. Dentures support your mouth and jaw muscles, giving you a natural look at the jaw, mouth, and cheekbones.

3. They Feel and Look Like Your Natural Teeth

So, are the dentures comfortable? After the introductory adjustment period is over, the dentures will feel and look natural. Other people cannot be able to tell whether you are putting on dentures.

4. They are Affordable

Dentures are the most affordable method of teeth replacement. Also, individuals of all ages can have them. You can get affordable dentures in North Hollywood at Victory Plaza Dental in North Hollywood.

5. They Improve Your Ability to Eat

If you have missing teeth, it might be hard to eat. Once the adjustment period is over, you can consume foods like nuts or apple slices. However, discussing foods to consume with your dentist and how to eat them while having dentures is vital. For example, you can cut your food into small pieces before you eat.

6. They Enhance Your Smile

Because they act as a substitute for natural teeth, they enhance your physical appearance and offer you an attractive smile.

7. They Make You Appear More Youthful

Dentures enhance the look of your cheeks and chin because they offer bone structure. This gives you a youthful and fresh look, which boosts your confidence.

Cons of Dentures

Even though they have so many advantages, there also exist cons of dentures. Here are the disadvantages of dentures.

1. They Require Adjustment Period

Are dentures comfortable? When you first wear the dentures, you will first encounter some challenges. To speak and eat comfortably while wearing them will take you some time. To get used to them quickly, please consult your dentist in North Hollywood.

2. They Are Not a Permanent Solution

They might require replacement after every five to eight years. This is due to the change in the structure of your face.

3. They Might Cause Infection

In case your dentures don’t fit properly, you might suffer from an infection such as yeast infections.

4. They Lead To Reduced Sense of Taste

Even though you can eat with them, you might find that sensing your food taste is hard. The reason being the upper palate gets covered by the dentures. Also, if you fail to clean them properly, they will result in halitosis and bad taste.

5. May Require Constant Refitting

They might need constant adjustments for them to fit properly. Dentures that fail to fit well might result in stomatitis. Stomatitis refers to inflammation of lips and mouth caused by severe irritation because of unfitting dentures.

6. May Cause Constant Gagging

If you fail to adapt to the dentures well, you will experience gagging. This might also make it difficult for you to wear the dentures for a day. Gagging causes them to be overextended in sensitive areas like the back of your throat or tongue and the palate.

7. May Result in Allergic Reaction

They can irritate your teeth and gums. This might cause allergic reactions or serious infections like abscesses. You can fight this reaction by getting an antibiotic prescription.

How Durable Dentures Are

Dentures are a temporary teeth replacement option for most people because you can remove them. One of the biggest problems with missing teeth is that the gaps make the teeth shift and change your jaw’s shape. After some time, they will need remaking, realigning, and rebasing because they wear out. Rebasing refers to coming up with a fresh base for your current denture teeth. Age may also change your mouth. The changes make them loose, and this makes chewing very hard and irritates the gums. It is important to visit your dentist for annual checkups.

How Much Should I Pay for Dentures

It is important to know the benefits and the disadvantages of dentures when investing in them. So, how much are a set of dentures in North Hollywood? Low-price dentures go for between $300 and $500 for every denture. For a full set of upper and lower dentures, you may pay between $600 and $1000. This kind of dentures appears very artificial compared to more expensive ones.

If I want better quality, how much are a set of dentures in North Hollywood? Better quality dentures go for between $500 and $1500 for every denture. For a complete set, you will pay an amount between $1000 and $3000. Such dentures appear more natural, and they last longer.

There is also another type of natural looking dentures that are fully customized. Such dentures cost between $2000 and $4000 for every denture. For a complete set, you will pay between $4000 and $8000.

What About Dental Implants

Dentures are the cheapest solution when it comes to missing teeth replacement. Other treatment methods are much better, such as dental implants, but they are costly. Dental implants will offer you a better fit, increased comfort, the ability to chew well, and a natural look. So if you are looking for a cost-effective solution, dentures are the best.

What Are Dentures Made Of

The most common material used to make them is acrylic due to its durability and low cost. The dentist can also use porcelain to develop more natural looking dentures; however, it’s more expensive. Porcelain also comes up with a heavier denture, which tends to be a bit uncomfortable. The dentist might also use a mixture of metal and acrylic materials for partial dentures. Metal makes the denture more durable. Dentures may also be made using more flexible plastic materials. Even though it has some benefits, such as requiring no clips to remain in position, they also have some disadvantages. Some of them such as the plastic ones, can easily move and may lead to trauma on the gums and the remaining teeth.

Types of Dentures

There are two types of dentures: partial and full. You go for full if all your teeth are missing, and partial are perfect when some teeth are remaining.

Partial Dentures

These refer to replacement teeth attached to the gum-colored or pink base, which gets connected with a metal framework that helps to hold the denture in the mouth. You use partial dentures when a single or more teeth remain in the lower or upper jaw.

Full Dentures

Full dentures may be immediate or conventional. The full set is made after removing all teeth and after the gums have begun to recover. Unlike artificial ones, the dentist makes immediate dentures in advance and may get positioned immediately after teeth removal. This means that you will not remain without teeth during the recovery period. After the teeth removal, the gums and bones shrink, particularly during the recovery period. Immediate dentures need extra adjustments to fit well during the recovery period and are considered a temporary solution.

How to Care for Your Dentures

Here are the tips on how to care for your dentures.

  • When handling the dentures, ensure you stand over a basin of water or folded towel. This is to prevent them from breakage if they slip and fall.
  • Always place them in a soaking solution when you remove them.
  • Ensure you brush them every day to remove plaque and food deposits.
  • Ensure you brush the tongue, palate, and gums every morning using a soft-bristled toothbrush before inserting them.
  • In case your dentures chip, break, crack or loosen, visit your dentist.

Where to Get Dentures in North Hollywood: Victory Plaza Dental in North Hollywood

If you are still wondering where to get affordable dentures in North Hollywood, Victory Plaza Dental in North Hollywood is the place for you. Our North Hollywood dentist will address your particular needs and solve them. If you have any questions regarding dentures, do not hesitate to contact our North Hollywood dentist or visit Victory Plaza Dental in North Hollywood, North Hollywood.