What conditions Braces Can Fix

To correct and perfect your smile, you can use orthodontic treatment. There are numerous braces, including clear ceramic braces, conventional metal braces, invisible aligners, and lingual braces. Individuals of all ages may benefit from having braces. Here are conditions that braces can fix.

Open Bites

Excessive thumb sucking or pacifier use causes open bites. Open bites lead to big spaces between your lower and anterior upper teeth. Most kids outgrow open bites after shedding their milk teeth and after they stop thumb sucking. In some cases, the permanent teeth might also get affected. You can use braces to treat this condition.

Spacing and Overcrowding

It is common to have unevenly spaced or crowded teeth. You can use braces to correct overcrowding, spacing, and crooked teeth. All types of braces gently apply pressure to your teeth and push them to a more straightened position. To ensure you are on track, the orthodontist will monitor your treatment, and in case of any adjustments, they will make them.

Periodontal Issues

Severely misaligned teeth are difficult to clean. They also make flossing impossible since the teeth are overlapping or are very tight. To put these teeth in a more aligned or straighter position, you can apply braces. Braces will significantly improve oral health because brushing and flossing will be easy.

Misaligned Jaw

An uneven bite may result in a misaligned jaw. You may experience discomfort or pain in the jaw if the teeth are crowded or crooked. With time, the misalignment causes problems with the TMJ (temporal mandibular joint), leading to face pain and other complications. Braces help to align and straighten your teeth, and this put the jaw in the correct position. Correction of a misaligned jaw impacts your face structure positively. This makes your face to appear more even and symmetrical.

Problems With Chewing and Speech

Misaligned teeth may affect your chewing and speech. Overcrowding issues, malocclusion problems, and crooked teeth may affect the ability to speak clearly or chew various types of foods. Braces correct this issue by aligning your jaw properly. This makes the lower and upper teeth get into contact, and this improves your pronunciation and bite.

Underbites and Overbites

Underbites and overbites are better recognized as malocclusion issues. You can correct these conditions using braces. Braces apply gentle pressure, which aligns the jaw and the teeth. Depending on the seriousness of the malocclusion condition, various orthodontic choices might be more suitable. Braces successfully treat the following.


Overbites are mild to serious extensions of the upper jaw than the lower jaw. This may cause the chin to appear smaller or sunken than usual and may result in chewing issues.


Underbites are the condition of a lower jaw extending outward than the upper jaw. This might result in your chin looking awkward and may make it hard to chew and bite.

Unmatched Oral Midlines

The oral midline is the midsagittal line located between the lower and the upper jaw. In case your midline is slightly off, it can impact how your face appears and how the jaw sits. Braces help bring the teeth back to alignment, creating an even oral midline, which improves intercuspation and symmetry. Intercuspation is the process of the teeth cusps fitting back together, resulting in a comfortable, even, and aesthetically-attractive bite.

Self-Confidence Issues Due to Misaligned Teeth

Braces contribute to improving your self-esteem and confidence. Do you feel self-conscious because of your smile, and this makes you avoid laughing or smiling? Worry no more because braces will help you regain your confidence and allow you to express yourself freely. When your teeth get aligned, your face will also look more attractive, which will boost your self-esteem.

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