What Are the Top Dental Treatments for Kids: 3 Core Procedures

If you are like most parents, then you are likely concerned about the status of your child’s oral health. No matter how young they are, it is never too early to establish care from a trusted local pediatric dentist. Did you know that many oral health issues can manifest as early as infancy, even before your child develops their first teeth? Among the most prevalent concerns for children are cavities, requiring consistent visits to the dentist’s office. So what are the top 3 dental treatments for kids?

What are the Top Dental Treatments for Kids: 3 Core Procedures

Below, our pediatric dentist will answer a common question: What are the top dental treatments for kids? 3 core procedures will be highlighted below, and more information is available online or in our office.

Cavity Fillings

Cavities, scientifically referred to as dental caries, are the most common dental treatments in children. Accumulated bacteria and plaque can cause painful tooth damage, which will start to show up as a small brown spot that grows fast. As this spot gets bigger, it starts to spread decay to other parts of your mouth. The dentist can use a special tool to remove the diseased portion of the tooth, filling it with a composite filling material that will keep the tooth strong while protecting against future decay.

Cavities can affect primary teeth just as much as they can affect sets of permanent teeth later on in life. It is really important that you monitor the development of your child’s teeth, making sure to note any early signs of cavities that can be addressed by a pediatric dentist right away.

X-Rays and Checkups

X-rays have been a major component of the dental checkup process for decades, as this technology reveals layers of bone that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Dentists use X-ray images to identify the beginnings of an oral health issue, prescribing a treatment to remove it before it has the chance to grow.

Certain oral health concerns remain completely invisible to the naked eye. X-rays employ minimal radiation exposure, posing no harm to children; in fact, the radiation dosage for kids is significantly lower than that for adults, which is already low enough that it does not pose a health risk.

Routine Cleanings

Routine dental cleanings, recommended biannually, are pivotal for everyone, including children. Adhering to this schedule aids in preventing oral health problems and maintaining a germ-free mouth. Dental cleanings also include a comprehensive checkup, which gives the dentist important insights into your child’s dental history. This helps us recognize any potential concerns right away, offering immediate dental care to combat any issues that may be present.

Routine cleanings can be fun for your child as the dentist will offer a variety of flavored toothpaste options, giving them a bit of control over their dental experience. The pediatric dentist will also walk through everything that is going on, teaching your child about the interesting tools and technology used by dental staff.

Give Your Child the Dental Care They Need ASAP

Your child should start seeing the dentist on a regular basis to keep their oral health strong. Not to mention, detecting oral health issues early can make it so much easier to get rid of them, rather than waiting for more serious symptoms to appear. Whether your child boasts a healthy dental profile or has some emerging dental health needs, it’s wise to visit our North Hollywood family dentist as soon as you can.

You will find that setting your child with a trusted pediatric dentist can prove like taking a breath of fresh air. Your child’s oral health is finally in good hands! Discover more about our child-oriented dental services when you contact us today.