Color Braces for Children and Adults

Typically, most people are likely to experience a dental issue at least once in their lifetime. When it comes to several orthodontic complications, braces are among the best solutions. Some of the difficulties sorted by wearing braces include crooked teeth, misaligned teeth, crowding, spacing, overbite, and underbite, to mention a few. Although getting braces comes with several benefits, it can be a daunting experience. Many people do not like the idea of having metals in their mouths. However, this is one of the best, safest choices that can permanently straighten your teeth. Fortunately, you can make your brace wearing period a fun experience. The average time for braces is two years. Unlike in recent years, where the only available braces were clear and white, orthodontists introduced color braces. A fantastic thing about color braces is that they bring out one’s personality. This reduces the fear that comes with getting braces, particularly brace-ism. Moreover, the color braces boost one’s confidence. In this article, we will give spectacular insights about the best color braces for children and adults.

How To Select Colored Braces for Kids and Adults

Colored braces consist of different shades of rainbow colors. Mostly, kids and teenagers prefer brighter colors while the majority of the adults go for darker or invisible shades. You may select any shade but it would be best to consider several factors.

The Common Shades

  • Aqua
  • Teal
  • Blue
  • Navy
  • Light Blue
  • Green
  • Lime
  • Shamrock
  • Purple
  • Lilac
  • Burgundy
  • Red
  • Rose
  • Fine Red
  • Pink
  • Bubblegum
  • Coral
  • Orange
  • Dark Orange
  • Yellow
  • Silver
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Black
  • White
  • Golden

Below are some fantastic tips that would assist you in making the best decision when choosing braces for kids and adults.

A) Consider Your Personality

A good braces color is the one that portrays much about your personality. For instance, green shades may show that you love nature or positive growth. Here are some of the insights concerning the most common colors choice and their relation to different personalities.

• Blue—This is a spectacular choice for calm, intelligent, empathetic, romantic, loyal, sincere, ideological, and spiritual individuals.

• Green—Green stands for Intellectual, introverted, cynical, powerful, calm, curious, lover of growth and nature.

• Red—Red is a favorite shade for many since it is the color of love. It is also a brilliant choice for passionate, vibrant, ambitious, confident, strong-willed, and determined people.

• Orange—If you are witty, playful, generous, active, and energetic, orange is a great solution. Perhaps this is the reason many kids love this color. An open-minded adult and a good negotiator go for orange braces.

• Purple—Purple mainly represents royalty. The color also shows personalities of supportiveness, charisma, sensitivity, peace, and gentleness.

• Yellow—Yellow would be an excellent choice for responsible, faithful, sensible, committed, dependable, and accountable people.

• White color reflects hope, purity, innocence, and peacefulness.

• Black—Most people associate black with mourning and darkness. However, on the positive side, the shade symbolizes power, elegance, sexuality, and creativity.

B) Eye Color

It would be best to select braces that make your eyes stand out when you smile. This might be a bit challenging that beauty sources will help you make the right choice. When using your eye color as a determining factor, go for a shade opposite your pupil’s color. For instance, orange, gold, silver, and red shades go well with individuals that have brown or hazel eyes. Green eyes also stand out with red and orange hues. Folks with blue eyes will look brilliant with pink and lilac braces. Green and blue eyes will also match perfectly with the same colors of a darker shade.

C) A Color that Compliments Skin Tone

Picking good braces color also involves going for shades that complement your skin tone. Dark shades with a dark skin tone would be a miss as they would make you look dull. Instead, choose ruby red, magenta, teal, light blue, violet, and bold pink. Icy blue blue braces on dark skin would look marvelous too. Consider maroon, dark green, dark blue, navy blue, and dark purple if you have a fair skin tone. Individuals with neutral skin tones have a variety of options as they can balance dark and light shades. However, do not hesitate to select other options as there is no rule to choosing brace colors. If you have a fair skin tone and loves bright colors, you can select your preferred shade.

D) Colors that Suit Your Lifestyle

Kids and teenagers have several options when it comes to colored braces. They can select the most preferred shade based on things, events, and concepts they treasure. For instance, a kid may prefer light blue mounts because they love the color of the sky. Another may like a different shade because that is the color of their favorite toy. Adults have limited options because of their professions. For instance, it would be unprofessional for a lawyer, teacher, judge, or a person who does office work to get brightly colored braces. This would draw the attention of colleagues, students, and other involved parties during meetings, lectures, conferences, and other professional events. On the other hand, adults with a flashy lifestyle can select bright-colored braces to draw more attention to themselves. A perfect example is a musician, actor, photographer, and socialite.

E) Review Your Wardrobe

If you find it challenging to select colored braces, a simple idea would be to check your wardrobe. Choose a shade that will complement most of your attires. If your wardrobe mostly has attires with neutral hues, consider going for bright braces. Dark shades of braces will complement colorful attires. Suppose your attires are mostly dark shades; bright braces would do the balance.

F) Give Your Favorite Colors a Priority

This should be one of the top priorities when making decisions about colored braces. The majority of folks select braces based on their favorite colors. This is not a bad idea. It represents your personality and passion for a particular shade. Keep in mind that you will be wearing the braces for approximately two years; therefore, the best decision is to select a comfortable hue. Avoid colors that you would never go for, as you will not be proud of showing off your smile. For instance, if you love the pink color, look for your most preferred shade of the color. A fanatic of the natural environment can select green shades of braces. Lovers of the sea and beach would go for blue, peach, and coral shades. A combination of multiple favorites is also a fantastic idea. For instance, if your favorite colors are blue and teal, you can alternate the hues or have one shade on the upper teeth and the other on the lower side.

G) Consider the Color of Your Teeth

Many admire teeth that are sparkling white. White teeth improve your confidence and self-esteem. More so, white teeth are a sign of good health. For that reason, get colored braces that make your teeth appear white. Experts recommend darker shades. If you have perfectly white teeth, you are lucky because a variety of shades will suit you. Yellow and stained teeth are problems that many people experience. As one grows older, the white enamels thins due to the food and acid one consumes, among other factors. The underlying dentin is usually light yellow. That said, avoid colors that will highlight the yellow shade of your teeth. Such colors include yellow and white. Dark blue is a spectacular choice for brightening your smile.

H) Seasonal Colors

Every six to eight weeks, your orthodontist may recommend an adjustment. You can always change the color of your bands during the adjustment. How about selecting shades according to a particular season. The color of attires you prefer during each season will guide you to choose braces that compliment a specific season. For instance, cool colors are perfect for the winter season. They include artic blue, shimmering silver, and stunning greens. These are the shades that contrast white snow and the grey skies. During summer, opt for hues that symbolize the cheery attitude of summer. Get braces that are sunny yellow, pastels, neon, and teal. Autumn season blends amazingly with orange, golden yellow, dark red, purple, and drown shades. The colors that best symbolize the spring season include orangey-red, peachy pinks, emerald violet, Monaco blue, warm greens, and jade.

I) Show off Your School

Back-to-school braces are never a bad idea when it comes to braces for kids. You can never go wrong with showing the pride you have for your institution. If you are a great fan of your school, you can get braces with your school flag or uniform color bands to show your school spirit. Moreover, the braces will match every school event. Whether it is cheering for your school sports team, celebrating a graduating class, attending social school events, celebrating the school anniversaries, or giving thanks to the teachers, your smile will always compliment the occasion. If you change schools, choose the colors of your new school, and you are good to go.

J) Celebrate Your Country

Getting braces that match the colors of your country’s flag is a brilliant way to portray your patriotism. Your smile will complement every event that your country celebrates in memory of special state events. For instance, get white, red, and blue braces to embrace the American spirit. A German citizen would select black, red, and golden braces. If your parents have different nationalities, you can choose one color from each flag. Go for the shades that blend best.

K) Cheer Your Favorite Sports Team

Show some love to your favorite sports team by getting braces with the colors of that particular club. The best idea here is to consider a professional team. For example, royal blue and yellow is an excellent combination if you are a diehard fan of the Golden State Warriors NBA team. A supporter of the North Hollywood Lakers would opt for a blend of dark purple and yellow.

L) Diet

Some color bands stain quicker than others. Suppose your diet consists of coffee, carbonated drinks, and acidic food; it would be best to get color bands that do not stain easily. In this case, grey and silver are great choices.

M) Consider Holidays

Typically, holidays consist of themes with specific colors. What is your favorite holiday? Portraying your holiday spirit is one of the brilliant braces color ideas. For instance, October is a cancer awareness month. Supporting the patients of cancer and creating awareness by getting pink braces is excellent. Kids are lovers of Christmas because the season symbolizes joy, love, peace, charisma, and other positive attributes. Therefore a blend of green and red bands is creative when selecting braces for kids. This brings out their cheerfulness and the passion they have for the holiday. Below are other insights to borrow when celebrating holidays.

• Valentines Day: Red and Pink

• Easter: Pastels

• St. Patrick’s Day: Green

• Thanksgiving Day: Red, Brown, Yellow, and Orange.

• Memorial Day: Red, White, and Blue.

• Independence Day: Red, White, and Blue.

• Halloween: Orange and Black.

• Hanukkah: Blue, White, and Silver.

• New Year’s Eve: Gold and Silver.

Other Ideas with Colored Braces


• Review Your Occasions

What occasions do you love to attend? Silver and light gold braces are presentable during formal occasions such as conferences and professional meetings. Another factor to consider when selecting the color of your braces is the theme of a particular event. For example, light blue and baby pink will blend well for a wedding theme. This also works for graduation celebrations, bachelor’s, and bachelorette parties. Birthday-themed braces for kids are also a spectacular choice.

• Rainbow Effect

You can get your braces in every bright shade available on the braces color wheel.

• Duo Effect

This is where you pick two different colors, one for your upper teeth and another for the lower set. Here, you have various choices, as you can select your two best colors or shades of your favorite sports club.

• Tri-Colors

If you have three favorite colors, getting bands with all three shades is an excellent opportunity to show them off.

• Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are shades that follow each other on the braces color wheel.

• Monochromatic Effect

You can select a favorite color in different shades—for instance, hot pink, light pink, and baby pink.

• Alternate Pattern

Some people choose to alternate two colors after each band, and the results are still marvelous. For this pattern, select colors that complement each other.

Kids Orthodontics: Best Color Braces for Children

When choosing color braces for children, considering their personalities and gender comes in handy.

Brace Colors for Kids

When choosing braces for kids, let them pick their favorite colors. If this seems challenging, pick a color that matches their personality. You can also let the kids orthodontics expert help.

Braces Colors for Girls

Picking out braces colors for girls is easier because girls generally love bright shades. Here are some of the popular cute braces colors for girls.

• Monochromatic pink: According to most orthodontists, many girls choose pink color bands for their braces. They can wear one shade of pink or all the shades in several preferred patterns.

• Dark purple: Aside from its gorgeous shade, dark purple makes your teeth look whiter. Many girls also love this color because of its association with royal status.

• Red: Red is a bright and bold color. It is one of the best for passionate, confident, outgoing, and determined girls.

• Neon shades: Neon shades are bright and delightful.

• Icy blue blue braces on dark skin.

• Light pink: This is a cure braces color for the girls who are calm, kind, caring, and lowing.

• Light blue: Light blue blends perfectly with an individual of any skin tone. More so, it is a shade that symbolizes imagination.

• Orange: Orange is a bold color that associates with wittiness, fun, and excitement.

Braces Colors for Boys

When selecting braces colors for boys, go for the darker shades.

Popular Cute Braces Colors for Boys

• Black: Black is a preferential color for most boys as it does not clash with their attires. Even school-going boys that wear uniforms can get black braces. However, this shade is suitable for individuals that have perfectly white teeth. Black braces on yellow or stained teeth are easily mistaken for rotting teeth.

• Dark blue: Boys love the blue color. Dark blue is a bold and neutral color that plays well with other shades. It symbolizes power and integrity.

• Dark purple: This is a neutral shade that makes teeth look whiter. It is perfect for both boys and girls.

• Light blue: Although it is more noticeable than other shades for boys, light blue is a cure braces color.

• Navy: Navy is a neutral shade and does not draw too much attention.

• Dark orange: A blend of dark orange and black, or dark orange only is great for boys.

• Green: Green is masculine and stands out.

Braces Color Ideas for Adults

Adults have limited options concerning braces colors due to professionalism. Most adults go for silver and clear braces to avoid drawing negative attention in formal settings. It is also possible to get dark shades that are less visible. A perfect example is the navy shade. However, adults with flashy lifestyles can opt for other brighter hues. A celebrity such as a musician can choose any bright color that represents their personality. Apart from stars, other self-employed adults with minimum official setting requirements can also play around with flashy shades.

Braces Colors to Avoid

White Braces

Unless your teeth are perfectly white, it is wise to avoid white braces. For individuals with stained and yellow-colored teeth, white braces highlight the yellow appearance. Moreover, white elastics stain easily.

Yellow Braces

Yellow Braces on yellow-colored teeth will only intensify the look of yellow or stained teeth.

Brown Shades

Brown shades of braces will appear like your teeth are rotting, or you have food stuck on your teeth.

Black Braces

Black braces will make your teeth appear rotten, or you have food stuck between your teeth. This shade is also not a wise choice for darker skin-toned individuals.


People easily mistake green braces for food debris stuck in teeth.
How to Manage and Reduce Pain after Wearing Braces
Your first time wearing braces may be slightly uncomfortable. Expect mild bleeding, inflammation, and sensitivity. This happens with most orthodontic aesthetics because these are foreign objects incorporated in the mouth. Below are some helpful tips to help you reduce pain after getting braces.

a. Take Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers

Multiple OTC drugs reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Some common pills that will help manage pain are; acetaminophen and ibuprofen. While at it, avoid blood-thinning medicines as they may worsen the bleeding. Aspirin, for instance, is an OTC drug commonly associated with blood thinning.

b. Use Saline Water

Saltwater is an excellent solution for treating mild infections. Your gums may develop sores and swell due to the tightened wires of braces. Swish with warm saltwater for one minute, three to four times a day.

c. Adjust Your Diet for a while

Right after getting or adjusting your elastics, you should stick to soft food and soup. Chewing crunchy, sticky, and hard food may damage the braces and intensify the pain in your gums.

d. Use Anaesthetics

Oral anesthetics are effective pain relievers. They reduce the sensitivity of the teeth and gums. Take a cotton ball, dip it in the anesthetic, and rub it directly on the sensitive part. Consult your orthodontist about the recommended anesthetic to use.

e. Ice-cold Water

Ice-cold water is a popular pain reliever as it numbs the sensitive region.

f. Heat

Heat is also an effective pain reliever. Hold a heating pad against the affected area.

g. Dental Wax

Orthodontists use dental wax to coat the metal part of your braces. This prevents the metal from scarring your gums and the inside of your cheeks.

h. Give it Time

According to an expert dentist at Victory Plaza orthodontics in North Hollywood, an essential tip is being patient with the adjustment.

Proper Care for Your Braces

Braces require intense care, similar to that of natural teeth. The elastics need more intensive care since the metals can create conducive hiding locations for bacteria and other pathogens. Below are some of the best guidelines regarding caring for braces, whether clear or colored.

1. Regular Brushing

Your brushing routine should remain effective, similar to when you have your natural teeth. Nevertheless, your brushing routine should intensify when you get braces because the metals can hide bacteria and other pathogenic organisms that have a high potential for causing infections. Some of the best brushes to use while wearing braces include:

• Narrow brush heads.

• Narrow neck brushes.

• Electric brushes.

• Flexible brushes.

• Brushes with angled, ergonomic, or tapered handles.

• Flossing

Flossing is an essential procedure for maintaining braces because the metal wires trap food debris, which creates perfect hiding spots for bacteria. You will need special flossing equipment when you have braces. Water pick is one of the most recommendable braces to use when you have orthodontic aesthetics.

2. Visit Your Orthodontist

It is a wise decision to visit your orthodontist regularly after you get your braces installed. Your dental expert may uncover unexpected underlying problems that might cause severe dental complications in the future. Furthermore, your specialist will be able to make adjustments based on your treatment progress. Victory plaza Dental Group, the best and most affordable kids dentist in North Hollywood, offers professional advice and a robust list of service options concerning dental care.

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