A Complete guide to rotten teeth, causes and treatment options

What Causes Rotten Teeth?

Rotten teeth can occur when you do not notice a cavity. Your result is severe tooth decay referred to as rotten tooth. Rotten teeth can affect your overall health. If you are experiencing rotten tooth symptoms or have early signs of rotting teeth, you should contact Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood for a dental checkup and treatment. Poor dental hygiene can place you at risk of tooth decay leading to rotten teeth. If you have a rotten back tooth or front tooth decay, you are at risk. If you do not remove plaque from your teeth, the acid will eat away at your teeth.

Rotten Tooth Symptoms

A rotten tooth is an area on the surface of your tooth with permanent damage. During a dental checkup, your dentist can identify and treat symptoms of rotten teeth to prevent more damage. Rotton tooth symptoms include:

• Hot or cold sensitivity
• Toothache
• Bad breath
• White, black or brown spots on your tooth
• Swelling
• Unpleasant taste

Rotten Teeth Kids

Your children, toddlers and infants can also develop rotten teeth. Look for additional symptoms including fever, irritability and swollen gums. If you see these symptoms, look in your child’s mouth. If you believe there is a problem, contact Victory Plaza Dental Group. Your child can develop cavities at any age. Baby bottle tooth decay causes your child’s enamel to break down due to the sugar in formulas. The combination of bacteria and formula pooling around the teeth of your child can result in rotten teeth.

Causes of Rotten Teeth

Rotten teeth can result if you do not take proper care of your teeth and from medications, illegal drugs and the foods you consume. Foods high in starch or sugar will help break down your tooth enamel. You can help prevent decay with good oral hygiene, flossing and brushing after meals and a North Hollywood dental checkup. If you have rotten teeth, the most common causes include:

• Poor dental hygiene
• Poor diet
• Dry mouth
• Dental crevices
• Fluoride deficiency
• Baby bottles

Pictures of Rotten Teeth From Not Brushing

Dangers of Rotten Teeth

If you have rotten tooth symptoms, there are significant dangers. Bacteria in your mouth can result in tooth decay leading to a rotten broken tooth, rotten tooth fillings or a rotten back tooth. If bacteria penetrate your mouth, it can work into your gum tissue and result in an infection moving to your bloodstream. If left untreated, your blood infection can make you seriously ill or result in sepsis. Your symptoms of a blood infection may include:

• Fever
• Severe fatigue
• Vomiting
• Nausea
• Diarrhea
• Lack of energy

Your symptoms of sepsis may include:

• Confusion
• Hallucinations
• Coma

Pictures of Rotten Teeth and Gum Disease

Stages of Tooth Decay

The first of the three stages of tooth decay is the initial breakdown of your tooth enamel. Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood can usually reverse this stage since your cavities have not yet reached your tooth pulp. Your treatment is determined by your level of decay. When your dentist finds early signs of rotting teeth, the stage of decay and tooth location are considered. Front tooth decay is treated differently than a rotten broken tooth in the back.

You have several treatment options available depending on your tooth decay stages. Traditional crowns and fillings are used to treat decay on your bottom or back teeth. If you do not have your rotten teeth treated, permanent damage will occur. From the pictures of rotten teeth from not brushing and pictures of rotten teeth and gum disease, everyone at Victory Plaza Dental Group hopes you understand the serious consequences of rotten teeth.

Treatment Options for Early Stages

In the early tooth decay stages, you will see enamel breakdown and small cavities. Your enamel can be rebuilt and cavities reversed with a fluoride treatment. If your teeth have dark spots or your bad breath is consistent, a fluoride treatment is no longer an option.

Treatment Options for Advanced Stages

Once in the advanced stages, your rotten tooth symptoms include visible cavities. Your North Hollywood dentist can restore your tooth by removing the decayed areas with a dental drill. Composite resin, porcelain or amalgam are used for your tooth fillings. If your tooth is weakened, your natural crown is removed and replaced with a customized crown cemented into place.

Treatment Options for Very Advanced Stages

If the decay advances to your inner pulp, a root canal is often the last resort. Your affected pulp is removed, then replaced with filling material. If your tooth is past restoration, it will be extracted.

How Does Victory Plaza Dental Group Fix Rotten Teeth?

Your front teeth have fewer roots, are thinner than your back teeth and cavities and tiny holes are fixed differently. All of your available options include rotten front teeth and back teeth and leave you with a beautiful smile including:

Front Tooth Crowns

When your dentist places a crown on your rotten front teeth, your teeth are completely covered. Impressions and pictures are taken to ensure a match for the shape, size and color of your other teeth. Your tooth is filed down, another impression made and a customized crown created in a lab. Once your crown is cemented, your smile is restored. To understand the severity of rotten teeth, we recommend looking at rotten teeth pictures.


Ultrathin veneers may be possible for your rotten teeth if the decay is on the front or if your teeth are broken or chipped. Your teeth filed for the ideal fit before veneers are affixed to the front of your teeth.

Preventing Rotten Teeth Kids

Your child can prevent rotten teeth and decay with regular dental checkups and good oral care. Prevention must begin when your child gets their baby teeth. You can prevent baby bottle decay by not giving your baby a bottle when you put them down. You can use your finger to clean baby teeth gently before your child is old enough to brush and floss their teeth. You should also follow the tips below.

• Give your child a healthy diet including fruits and vegetables
• Avoid frequent snacking
• Schedule dental checkups regularly including cleanings

Adult Rotten Teeth Prevention

• Maintain good oral hygiene
• Use fluoride toothpaste and floss and brush after every meal
• Drink unsweetened drinks and plenty of water
• Consume healthy foods
• Avoid snacking frequently
• Schedule regular teeth cleaning and checkups

Failing To Treat Your Rottgen Teeth

If you do not have your rotten teeth treated, you may be endangering your health. Your North Hollywood dentist can find and treat rotten teeth. If your condition is caught in the early stages, rotten teeth can be reversed. If the rot has progressed, your dentist still has treatment options available. Rotten teeth can cause:

• Lowered immunity
• Gum disease
• Diminished palate
• Sepsis and blood infections

Cost of Rotten Teeth

Although each situation and patient are different, advanced treatments for your teeth rot are often expensive. Your cost for each option depends on specific factors your dentist will consider.

Filling Cost

The basis for the cost of your fillings depends on which teeth you have filled, how many teeth require fillings, how much damage must be restored and the best material to fill your teeth. The average cost for the most common filling materials you may need are:

• $210 to $400 for your amalgam fillings
• $270 to $450 for your composite fillings
• $370 to $1,100 for your silver fillings
• $300 to #4,500 for your ceramic fillings
• $500 to $4,500 for your gold fillings

Root Canal Costs

All of your front teeth have at least one root. Your molars have several roots. Your cost for a root canal is dependent on several factors including where your tooth is located, how many appointments you will require and how many roots are present. Your individual needs are taken into consideration for every root canal. On average, expect to pay between $1,000 and $2,000 for each root canal.

Cost of Veneers

Your cost for veneers is dependent on several considerations. This includes how many appointments you will need and the best material for your veneers. On average, the cost of your veneers will be between $800 and $2,000 for each tooth.

Cost of Crowns

The cost of your crown is dependent of the size and type. You can expect to pay an average of between $1,000 and $1,500 per crown.

Insurance Coverage

The majority of services you will require for the treatment of rotten teeth will be covered by your dental insurance. Your copays and coverage level will be reviewed by your dental office.

If you have rotten teeth or are noticing rotten tooth symptoms, contact Victory Plaza Dental Group in North Hollywood today. Your dentist has treatment options available to prevent your condition from becoming any worse while restoring your smile.