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Are you looking for emergency dentistry near you? Dental emergencies are both scary and painful. With that said, it’s essential to seek help immediately when accidents occur. Fortunately, at our North Hollywood practice, we offer top-notch emergency dentistry services that promise peace of mind. After examining the problem, our professionals use proven techniques to correct the issue and eliminate pain. Typically, a dental emergency consists of chipped, loose, or broken teeth. However, there’s an assortment of dental emergencies to be aware of.

Types Of Dental Emegencies


In most cases, teeth grinding, clenching, cavities, and decay cause toothaches. With our emergency dentistry solutions, we help reduce the discomfort that comes with these dental complications. If you neglect the problem, the pain will intensify, making it difficult to eat and drink. With that in mind, give our Los Angeles office a call when this dental emergency arises.

Lost Crown

Unfortunately, crowns fall out all the time. As a result, it exposes your natural tooth to outside elements. To ensure that your smile remains intact, look into our emergency dentistry services right away. Otherwise, you’re likely to experience intense pain and lose confidence in your smile.

Broken Tooth

Falls, car accidents, and sports-related injuries are common culprits for broken teeth. Usually, this type of dental emergency is incredibly painful and frightening. Thankfully, we have the necessary tools and knowledge at our disposal to address the issue promptly.

Sore/Swollen Gums

Swollen or sore gums are caused by plaque buildup and gum disease. Gently brushing or flossing the infected area normally helps. Yet, we still recommend coming in to see us. Above all else, this will guarantee that we prevent this dental emergency from happening again.

What To Do If You’ve Broken Or Knocked Out A Tooth

Though teeth are strong, it’s still possible to break or knock them out. If this happens, search online for “emergency dental care near me.” As a trusted Los Angeles emergency dentist, you’ll find great comfort in our emergency dentistry services. Equally important is to locate the missing pieces. The faster you act, the better your chances are of saving your damaged tooth. So, contact our North Hollywood dentist office the second you break or knock out a tooth.

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How To Prevent An Emergency Dentistry

Preventing a dental emergency is easier said than done. Even still, it’s possible to avoid the need for emergency dentistry services. For instance, reducing your sugar intake, seeing your dentist regularly, and practicing excellent dental hygiene are surefire ways to protect your dental health. What’s more, browsing the web for “emergency dental care near me” is a great way to get problems under control. Finally, be sure to hydrate, protect your teeth while playing sports, and floss daily.

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