Dental Implants

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Dental Implants

There are few things worse than losing one of your teeth. While you might have a missing tooth that you dealt with since you were a kid, you can also lose one as an adult due to a car accident or another type of accident. Depending on the location of that missing tooth, you might keep yourself from smiling or notice some pain and discomfort. At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we can replace that missing tooth with an implant.

When to Get Dental Implants

We recommend getting a dental implant when you have a missing tooth on the front of your smile. We work with a lab that makes a new tooth that looks just like the old one and fits comfortably in your mouth. You can also get an implant if you have a gap in your smile. If you have multiple missing teeth, we may recommend a bridge that we secure with implants.

How Do Implants Work?

Before you get an implant, you need to come into our North Hollywood office for a consultation. We will go over the procedure and explain the benefits of implants. You need to have castings taken of your teeth to make the implant before having it placed inside the jawbone in your mouth. We will then place a crown on top of the implant.

dental implants

Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have any concerns about dental implants, you should take a look at some of the benefits of the procedure.

Permanent Change

A big benefit of an implant is that it serves as a permanent change in your mouth. The implant and crown work together to take the place of your missing tooth. You don’t need to worry about cracking the implant or that it might fall out of your mouth.

Dental Implants Improve Better Speech

Though you might not realize it, that missing tooth can significantly affect your speech. Many people find that it causes them to slur when they speak or that they have issues with certain words and sounds. The implant restores your mouth and improves your speech.

Dental Implants Improve Oral Health

We often recommend implants because they can help our patients with their oral health. When you lose a tooth, it leaves the sides of the nearest teeth exposed to everything from the foods that you drink to the temperature outside. Those teeth can wear down faster because they don’t have other teeth to protect them. A single implant can help the surrounding teeth last longer and improve your overall oral health.

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