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At Victory Plaza Dental Group, we offer traditional braces and family orthodontics. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry responsible for addressing the problems of dental irregularities and bad bites. It does so with the prevention, diagnosis, guidance, interception, and correction of such problems. Braces are particularly well known as a staple tool of orthodontic dentists, known as orthodontists. These tools help correct such problems with the teeth as crookedness, crowding, or lack of alignment. While many people have braces implemented as teenagers, adults get these straightening and aligning tools as well. Orthodontic treatment specializes in the correction of issues with teeth.

Benefits of Orthodontics

Some of the benefits of orthodontic treatment are purely esthetic. A winning new smile boosts confidence and self-esteem, but the advantages go far beyond appearances. Corrected tooth alignment and bite offer an improved ability in food chewing, alleviation of any dental-related speech impairments, an easier time in brushing and flossing teeth, reduced tooth grinding, reduction of teeth chipping, reduced periodontal disease, decreased risk of cavities, and reduced risk of self-injury from teeth that protrude.

In general, dental health has resonating influences on the overall health of the body. When an orthodontist corrects tooth alignment and bite problems, that expert helps prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and loss of teeth. Without adequate oral hygiene, bacteria in the mouth can reach high levels leading to oral infections and periodontitis. The inflammation associated with this latter gum disease can have a part in some diseases. Poor oral health can also contribute to endocarditis, complications with pregnancy and childbirth, pneumonia, and cardiovascular disease.

How Do Orthodontics Work?

When using braces, an orthodontist corrects malocclusion, crowded teeth, or crooked teeth. Technicians create braces of wires, metal or ceramic, and a bonding agent to attach them to the teeth. Classic, traditional braces have metal brackets glued one by one to each of the teeth. An archwire places pressure on the jawline and teeth, while elastic O-rings fasten the brackets to the archwire. As the teeth slowly correct, adjusting into the desired placement, the orthodontist adjusts the archwire of the traditional braces periodically. At these appointments, we switch out the elastic bands as well.

Traditional braces work gradually by exerting constant pressure on the teeth. The jaw’s shape gradually adapts, conforming to the pressure braces place upon it. While it is easy to think of teeth as connected directly to the jawbone, the reality is that a membrane surrounds the bones rooting the teeth in the jaw. This membrane is responsible for controlling the teeth’s positions. It responds to steady pressure as the braces do their work. The process of getting traditional braces can last one to two hours. The orthodontics appointment does not hurt, although soreness may follow for a week or so. This soreness may repeat each time the traditional braces receive an adjustment.

Conditions Orthodontics Can Fix

Many problems receive an orthodontist’s expert care and correction. One is an overbite. In this instance, the front upper teeth seem to stick out past the lower teeth. Another is an underbite. In this instance, the teeth of the lower jaw can appear to be too far forward, as opposed to the upper teeth, which seem set too far to the rear. When the upper teeth fit make a snug fit behind the bottom teeth when the mouth is closed, it creates a crossbite, another condition that orthodontics can fix. Other people have a gap that is vertical between the front teeth of the upper and lower jaws when biting down. This is an open bite. When the center of the front teeth at the bottom and top do not line up, it is known as a misplaced midline.

Some of the most common conditions orthodontics can fix are spacing and crowding. In the former, the teeth do not seem to properly fill up the mouth. Random gaps and spaces appear between teeth. In the latter, the mouth’s dental ridge lacks room for all of the teeth within the mouth. Diagnostic tools such as X-rays, plastic models, and clinical exams allow an orthodontist to develop an orthodontics treatment plan for each individual need, regardless of the exact condition involved.

Where to Go for Orthodontics in North Hollywood

When you need Orthodontics in North Hollywood, make an appointment with Victory Plaza Dental Group. We offer family orthodontics, traditional braces, and expert diagnostics and treatment for your dental needs. Come to us to correct your smile, improve your oral health, create greater ease of chewing food, correct dental-related speech impairments, and simplify your dental hygiene. Let our traditional braces boost your self-confidence while enriching your life.

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